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Hollow Wishes
Hollow Wishes

Hollow Wishes


4.80 (23 ratings)
A girl in love with a ghost. A ghost in love with a girl. Neither of them believes in happily ever afters.

Eighteen-year-old Winter doesn’t believe in happily-ever-afters, even though she helps support her family by weaving stories about them. While some people visit Lago Caverns to experience the absolute darkness and ghostly atmosphere deep below the ground, most visitors come to hear Winter’s stories.

When a teacher goes missing amidst some ghastly rumors, Winter is the only person who believes something more nefarious is at play…especially when the teacher’s absence spells trouble for Lago Caverns.

Armed with the friendship of a ghost, her own fearlessness, and her ability to craft stories that leave listeners spellbound, Winter will get to the bottom of this mystery and save her land.

If you love chilling mysteries, sweet love stories, and tales of friendship, get your copy of Hollow Wishes today!