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4.40 (176 ratings)
Check out a hot new kidnapping-thriller series readers love!

Federal prosecutor Athena Kazan adores her job—until someone puts a bullet in her head. Miraculously, she survives the shooting, but her troubles have just begun. A drug cartel wants her dead, and it will pay a big bounty to make that happen.

For two years, Athena lives in Durango, Colorado as part of the witness protection program. Then, in a chance encounter, she meets a pregnant woman at a local gas station. The woman unobtrusively slips a note into Athena’s hand. The message reads: Over forty women and girls—mostly pregnant—held prisoner! Five dead already. We're an hour east of Durango. Call the FBI. Sheriff’s office corrupt. PLEASE HELP US!

Before Athena can react, a huge armed thug forces the pregnant woman into an SUV. Athena can't stop him, but she memorizes the SUV's license number. Then, panic rises in her throat. What if the plate is fake? She follows the SUV at a distance while she calls the FBI and begs for help.

The Feeb turns her down. He's too busy, he says. Fighting the terror that Athena had hoped she’d never have to experience again, she stays behind the SUV as it drives east of Durango. Her instincts tell her to forget this whole horrible situation. It's probably just a prank, and if it isn't, she'll most likely get shot again.

But Athena knows that if she turns away and tries to forget the pregnant women, she won't be able to live with herself. After all, a Good Samaritan had helped her once when she was desperate. It's time to pay it forward.

Here is a listing of the books available in the Vanished series:
Book one—Snatched—Amazon ID B07ZHSFSFQ
Book two—Nicked—Amazon ID B08T5PF2WR
Book three—Anointed—Amazon ID B08T6NV52Z
Book four—Sliced is coming in the fall of 2021.

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Smooth flowing page turner - action packed thriller

Best compliment - I couldn't stop reading. Loved the relatable way this story was told.
Now that I read it I don't understand the harsh critics - I almost didn't get the book - glad I did!

Sure there were some editing and grammar issues but the storyline was so intriguing and the storytelling so natural, it was easy to connect and engage with the story and the characters.

I'm ready to read more books by this author, I enjoyed this style of writing but not about this same topic.

Tiffany Townsend
Attention grasping - for sure!

This book covers a sensitive topic and it’s genre is dark,
With that being said— it is an awesome 1st book into a series!
Author captivates reader from the first pages.
Snatched is the start of a great investment— a great series!
Can’t wait to read next one!

Intriguing and a good read. Loved the references to known towns.

Very thought provoking! Overlooking the minor mistakes it was a very good book. Will put this author on my read list.

Lynn D.
Amazing story

A heroins tale of a kidnapping ring and her efforts to save herself and many others from horrible conditions and possibly death.

Kindle Customer
One of the Creative and Intense Mystery Stories Ever!

From the seemingly hopeless begining, the author guides readers through a very intense journey into pure what appears to be a pathetic situation of evil characters focused on torture and profit! Great emotion-packed entertainment!

Terrible subject....

But a very good story. The dynamics of the worst kind of criminal element versus the ingenuity, resourcefulness, and perseverance of the victims. Yes, a little bit was an overreach in believability, but that is what books are for. Escapism!

Katherine Bailey-Brackett
Unique and Dynamic Story

The story, its characters and the plot are all fast moving, intelligent and fantastic. I loved reading it and wanted it to continue.

glenn lorenz
First read if this author

First read of Michael Archesk and will read more of his works. Interesting story line and fast read. Enjoyed all aspects except the last chapter.