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When Kittens Go Viral
When Kittens Go Viral

When Kittens Go Viral


4.50 (83 ratings)
Quiet on the set! Come behind the scenes of your favorite cat videos in this funny adventure for chapter book and intermediate readers.
Kirkus Reviews: "...Pattison's characters delight..."
On a glittering night of destiny, a cat star is born.
The Majestic Kennels, home to the famous cats of KittyTube, welcomes a new kitten, Angel Persian. Angel is eager to follow in the footsteps of her famous mother and father and become a Kittytube sensation.
You'll be there when
  • Angel aces her first screen test
  • She opens her eyes - what will she see?
  • She shivers--and charms--her way through her first snow storm.
Will Angel become
  • a water cat, paddling around bathtubs or splashing in sinks of water,
  • a piano cat, walking the black & white keys,
  • a ghost cat, jumping out to frighten kids,
  • or something new?

Will this tiny kitten find her courage--and her audience on KittyTube? Will she have what it takes to win?
What will it take for this tiny kitten to become a star?
Which cats are the best at purring? PURR-sians!

Read Angel's story today!
Ages7-12; 450L