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Wounded Souls
Wounded Souls

Wounded Souls

by and

4.60 (210 ratings)

I write of suddenly being without a mother when very young, she,s on the cover I will always love her. Then of a dad so hurt no longer strong,with no grandma’s kiss, or granddads knee to linger on.This was just the start of life for my brothers and me. Called orphan boys our Cherished memory's far greater then of a few lost toys. We traveled miles and slept outside, yet always warm from love inside. As years rolled by we loved and lost,but our tots never hurt at any cost, we laughed and cried rarely side by side. This is our life if you look inside. We’ve seen the good and the evil side, the bad we always passed it wide. Because of you who read my words, my brothers lives receive some sighs, 5 brothers of their lives I’ve told, there streets were never paved in gold. For you to judge as my story unfolds for them I hope this story’s told. The clever of my words will scold, but few were ever ooh so cold, To you I say never let a day go by without a kiss a hug or wave goodbye. Whatever happens when I’m gone some will look when they see my book and ?.
Robert Francis Turley
Wounded Souls.

Amazon verified Review: July 2013
Digging through the endless titles of nonfiction memoirs on kindle, somehow, I found a diamond in the rough. The story of these three brothers is 100% engaging, endearing, and honest (formatting errors or not). I couldn't put it down. In fact, I read it in one sitting. It's the kind of book that will shed a little light in a dark room, cracking open the callous areas of your heart. It did mine, anyway. Thanks for sharing your story, Mr. Turley

This is my 1st and only book, i have produced it without any professional help..i have revised it many times and will continue to do so to make clear, and i hope although not perfect, easy to read.
My story which I share with you tells of a tragedy that change mine and my brothers lives forever. My journey is one of utter devastation and great highs, a struggle for three brothers to survive in very upsetting circumstances. These life changing events occur in Montreal (Canada) Liverpool London and trowbridge in Wiltshire (England). Tragedy descended upon my family in December 1957, and was closely followed by the British Broadcasting Company and Canadian newspapers, and again in 2002 by English and Canadian media.

I write this story and hope that nothing like it is ever visited upon another living soul. We all at some stage in our lives become hurt by events that happen all around us., Therefore in choosing the title of my story I realize these two words “Wounded Souls” must live up to their meaning and should never be used without genuine justification..

My story is fully documented throughout and a Canadian television video link provided free at the end of my story can be seen adding extra content to the book.