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Sweet Hearts of Sweet Creek Box set: Three sweet and clean romances
Sweet Hearts of Sweet Creek Box set: Three sweet and clean romances

Sweet Hearts of Sweet Creek Box set: Three sweet and clean romances


Three women determined to rise above past hurts and heartaches.

Three men who struggle between wanting to help and guarding their own hearts.


Sheryl’s mistrust of men makes her keep them at arm’s length.

But when a handsome rancher comes, asking her to reconcile with her estranged father, she reluctantly goes with him. As she and Mark spend time together, and their friendship deepens she wonders if maybe, this man might be different. Wonders if she dare let go of her heart. Can she forgive her family and herself before Mark too becomes a man of her past

Her Heart’s Promise

Nadine aims to use her job as editor of the town newspaper to probe into the her father’s mysterious death but her secret high school crush Clint just took over the paper, and he wants the story buried. The same way she would prefer to keep her changing feelings for him under wraps.

When Clint reveals a hidden truth about the past, Nadine has to make a choice: continue the quest for justice or find room in her busy life for love…

Close to His Heart

Jace Scholte is determined to rise above his poverty-stricken childhood. Now he’s back in Sweet Creek to win the residents' support for a high-rise condo. He volunteers in a local fundraiser to melt their resistance, but he never expected he'd work side-by-side with the one who got away…

Tess Kruger remembers the plan she and Jace constructed all those years ago. But she can't forget the dark secret that caused her to run away from their potential future.

Old flames reignite between Jace and Tess, though as they find themselves questioning a past they thought they knew. For a second chance at love, they'll have to face the harsh truth together

The Sweethearts of Sweet Creek Series
brings you three heartwarming stories that will entertain, inspire and stir your heart and soul.