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Salt Bay Sunrise: A Brother's Best Friend, Wounded Veteran, Tropical Romantic Adventure
Salt Bay Sunrise: A Brother's Best Friend, Wounded Veteran, Tropical Romantic Adventure

Salt Bay Sunrise: A Brother's Best Friend, Wounded Veteran, Tropical Romantic Adventure


4.60 (66 ratings)

She's a business owner under the gun. He’s an embattled veteran determined to help. When she gets in over her head, will their love sink or swim?Ecotour captain Willow McBride enjoys introducing tourists to the many wonders of the sea. But with financial pressure mounting, she reluctantly takes on a group of mysterious “treasure hunters” with unclear intentions. And the salt really hits the fan when her hunky high school crush wanders back into her life out of nowhere.Grant Taylor needs a fresh start. After checking out of the VA hospital with a still-mangled arm, he agrees to look in on his friend’s sister back in his hometown. And though he remains haunted by the people he let die, he’s unprepared for the way her familiar face makes his wounded heart skip a beat.Despite falling for the handsome soldier from her past, Willow still can’t let him interfere with her clients’ increasingly illegal demands. But if Grant wants to fulfill his obligation and protect the lovely mariner, he’ll have to confront his terror of open water.Can the reunited pair dodge a bullet and sail off into the sunset?Salt Bay Sunrise is the charming first book in the Escape to Valencia Cove for Tropical Romance series. If you like fanning old flames, sizzling secrets, and a dash of suspense, then you’ll adore Juliet Brilee’s sweet story.Buy Salt Bay Sunrise to plunge into desire today!


Kindle Customer
Great romance!

This was a delightful story with romance, drama and a wonderful happy ever after ending. I can't wait to start the next book in this series.

Kindle Customer

I like the drift and the feelings but this story just doesn't quite come together. Really bad editing contributed to the disappointment.

Very good read

I’d like to think this book may have opened my eyes to life on the other side. Definitely a very good read

New author who is writing a romance series.

Variety of intrigue, mystery, interesting characters, romance. Enjoyed the intrique and kept me turning the pages. Will continue the series as I understand it includes an evil ex-husband. Hmmmmm.....get to compare ex-husband notes with this new author.


Willow meets Grant, not knowing he n is her brother’s friend. They have a tough relationship, both wanting more or maybe not. They have to figure a few things out g th it’s.


This was the perfect story, friendship, heroes, romance, and a little thriller action, without all the explicit sex. Lots of kissing though. Loved it!

Amazon Customer
A fun read!

This book is like watching a hallmark movie, only better. A little mystery, a little Romance and great Florida settings.

Rick W.
I loved this book!

I don't have much to say that other reviewers have already said, so I'll say "ditto"! Engaging characters, intriguing plot, sweet romance, beautiful setting (I live in Sarasota FL, which we residents call "paradise"). I had a hard time putting it down when it was time to go to bed, woke up wondering what would happen next in the story. Juliet is a lovely writer. I'm a (nonfiction) writer myself, so I really appreciate good writing. I've already read book 2 in the Valencia Cove series -- loved it, too! - and just ordered book 3. Yes, these books are a perfect break from pandemic stress!

Kindle Customer
Whisper to Me

Willow ran the ecotour boat, changed from a fishing boat, that her brother left to her. She tried to keep everything together by herself. Grant came to town to check on her family as he'd promised her brother. He never expected the trouble that she'd gotten herself into.