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Little Pilgrim's Big Journey: John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress Fully Illustrated & Adapted for Kids
Little Pilgrim's Big Journey: John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress Fully Illustrated & Adapted for Kids

Little Pilgrim's Big Journey: John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress Fully Illustrated & Adapted for Kids


4.90 (338 ratings)

A beautifully illustrated version of the Pilgrim's Progress designed for children ages 4 to 10, with beautiful artwork on every page and engaging text. Follow Christian on his unforgettable journey and help equip your kids to lead a life of faith as they follow the King's path to the Celestial City.

Next to the Bible, The Pilgrim's Progress is the most printed and translated book of all time. John Bunyan's ability to combine a dynamic adventure story with biblical truth has captivated the minds and hearts of children and adults for centuries. With 226 pages of captivating illustrations, Little Pilgrim's Big Journey makes this life-changing story more engaging than ever for kids.

Reviews of Little Pilgrim's Big Journey:

"Each chapter was so captivating that our kids asked for one more chapter (even though we read it before play time, not bed time!). When we reached the last page, our youngest son lamented, 'I wish it wasn’t done yet.' Parents and kids alike will gain a greater passion to live for the King on their way to the Celestial City through the vivid descriptions and illustrations of Christian, his friends, and his enemies." - Danielle Hurley, SOS Ministries.

"Excellent! Equally engaging for a 3 year old and an 11 year old. My four girls loved it!" - Andy Naselli, Professor at Bethlehem College & Seminary.

"Each page held a fantastic balance of text and imagery. The summary pages were brilliant!" - Paul Cox, RefToons

We believe this message of faith and bravery is needed today more than ever, and hope this book will inspire the next generation of 'little pilgrims' to believe the King's Word, follow the King's Path, and seek the King's City.


A. T.

This is an amazing book. Beautifully illustrated and captivating for the entire family!

Brett Barnhill
Honest opinion

I really liked the book. The themes are incredible conversation starters and frameworks for spiritual conversation. I honestly hate to say anything negative and from other reviews I read- no one else had this issue- so I may be alone in this!

But as we know- Pilgrim’s Progress ends with death and entering into eternal life. The book does show the little pilgrim sinking in the waters and then entering into eternal life. We assume he drowned and entered into eternity.

I don’t want to shy away from discussing death and what happens when we die. My 5 year old already talks about it and asks about it. I’m not saying we won’t read it together- but for a 5 year old- death is really hard to wrap his mind around and the story concluding with the little pilgrim drowning just does seem kind of intense. I just want to handle it with care if we read it.

All that to say- I love the themes throughout the book and the heart behind translating this epic, inspiring story of Christian pilgrimage into something digestible for young kids!

Nicole Vis
Fantastic for kids & parents alike!

We have had this book for 3 months and have read it numerous times and my 2 year old and 3 year old boy can’t get enough of it! We have broken up the chapters to read one daily before naps and they love answering the questions for deeper meaning. This makes so much of the Bible easier to explain to them and to make connections to our church sermons. My husband and I personally get chills every time we read chapter 10 and see the beautiful illustrations for the celestial city. What a great book that makes our craving for heaven so much stronger for all ages 2-31 in our family. Thanks so much!

Beautiful. Well written

My 9 year old daughter LOVES this book. It's beautiful, well adapted from the original.

David J.
Perfect for little ones!

My kids love this book! The pictures are beautiful and captivating. It's well written for little ones to understand yet get the deeper meaning. It's broken up in short chapters, so it's perfect for before bed. There are great questions at the end of the chapters for great dialogue. I've given this book as a gift to many families.

Your kids won’t want you to stop reading!

We just received our book in the mail and I read the first chapter to my six-year-old who insisted we continue reading because it is such a good read and I love the summary at the end of the chapter and how this applies to the Bible and the current struggles of each believer. I truly believe the author of this book took their time and prayerfully wrote each chapter out in a way that would inspire and encourage our children to follow Jesus no matter what.

Excellent book

I am so thankful I bought this new adaptation of The Pilgrim’s Progress! We’re reading it at night bed and all the children, even the older ones are really into it. The potential gospel conversations are plentiful. I’d urge believing families to grab this book and may the Lord call our children to place of deliverance and onward to the Celestial City! It’s on amazon, “Little Pilgrim’s Big Journey” and it’s beautifully illustrated so we all sit on the floor so everyone can see as I read.

Whitney Yeokum
Great adaptation of Pilgrim's Progress for younger ones!

I grew up reading Little Pilgrim's Progress and have read it to my older ones. I was thrilled to find an adaptation that even younger ones could understand a little easier! We bought Little Pilgrim's Big Journey for my daughter's 5th birthday, and we are really enjoying reading it together as a family. It is a beautifully bound book with wonderful illustrations. We are excited for the second book to come out soon!