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The Duke's Saving Grace: A Regency Romance
The Duke's Saving Grace: A Regency Romance

The Duke's Saving Grace: A Regency Romance


4.40 (121 ratings)
Deborah would gladly spend her life saving others. It could be though that the one she wants to save the most is one that is beyond her reach.

Through the war, Deborah found her purpose. With the abbey she was raised in opened up to the wounded, she found no shortage of need for her calming smile, quick mind, and skill at tending to the sick and injured.

She couldn’t imagine that with the war winding down, her life wouldn’t just continue in the abbey as she gets ready to take her vows and become a nun.

Before this happens though, someone from the wealthy Duke of Harksbury’s estate calls for someone from the abbey to tend to him. Having returned from the war himself in need of healing, Lord Edward Abernathy needs help, but Deborah will soon find out that his wounds go much deeper than the physical harm he endured.

Deborah just might be the only one who can heal him body and soul, but even she might not be enough.

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B. Washburn

The storyline is rather idealistic but fun to see the characters evolve and how they come together. No sex scenes make it pleasurable.

Mary Soelberg

A charming Regency romance with interesting characters and a couple of twists of plot to engage the reader. Sweet and clean, recommended for all ages.

Loved it

I enjoyed this book. The characters were interesting.

Beautiful story

To me this was a beautiful story. Personally I did not find it preachy at all. The duke's journey to wholeness clearly and honestly portrayes his struggle to accept both himself and his new reality. I liked Deborah. She is brave, despite her fears. Her honesty was refreshing. More so when one considers what society life was like. What the ton was like. Others involved in helping the duke were just as likable. The love between the main characters grew steadily and naturally. The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is because there are several errors of added or missing words. Not enough to ruin the story, but enough to be a little distracting. And yes, those wanting to be nuns do 'take vows'. I tried to research the concept of 'taking orders', but could not find anything. Not sure where the author found that info. Despite that, it remains a beautiful story.

Questions of accuracy, for starters

From the start I was concerned about accuracy in this book. For one thing, nuns don't take orders, they take vows. I don't think the duke was addressed correctly--maybe only once as "your grace. Frankly, I couldn't see how the h could fall in love with him except that he was the first man she ever knew. I have some of this author's other books that I bought when they were offered on special (as was this one) so I will see if I like any of her others more than this one. She seems to be very popular. Authors in this genre that I like include Mary Kingswood, Mimi Matthews, and Catherine Kullmann. Their books provide interesting characters, accurate settings, and correct language.

Elizabeth Shelton
Great story

Good plot. Excellent characters. Determination and faith to overcome seemingly impossible situations.
Like a regency beauty and the beast story.

A delightfully refreshing story.

Appreciated the way the main character's faith was portrayed in this interesting story. Well-written, well-rounded characters all made for a fun read.

Amazon Customer
The Duke’s Saving Grace

I have enjoyed reading Rose Pearson’s novel and knowing that she gave a great knowledge of people like the Duke.