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Truth's Daughter: Legacy of Divorce, A Memoir
Truth's Daughter: Legacy of Divorce, A Memoir

Truth's Daughter: Legacy of Divorce, A Memoir


4.60 (8 ratings)

On her sixtieth birthday, Barbara spit into a vial, hoping a genetic search engine might lead to finding her fathers’ other children. Perhaps they could shed light on her fathers’ identity and her parents short-lived marriage.
She’d met her father just four times before he was brutally murdered in Miami Beach, ending any chance of knowing him in the future. Raised in poverty in the Bronx by her beautiful and brilliant mother, she accepted the narrative of her fathers’ deceit and abandonment.
In mid-life, she is confronted with a painful truth about her mother. The seeds of doubt and search for truth began in earnest. She was determined to make truth the legacy of their lives. In the absence of facts, she discovers the importance of forgiveness and understanding as a vehicle for healing.


Dawnny Ruby
A Gripping Memoir

Barbara Santarelli tells her story of growing up poor, and being raised by a single mother. A mother who struggled to put food on the table. Growing up without her father and never knowing who he really was or anything about him, except what her mother told her about him, and the picture she painted wasn't pretty. Barbara was always curious about her father and his family. What child wouldn't be. She sets out to discover who he is and this is about her journey of discovery. My parents divorced when I was three. I always saw my dad often but even so, it's hard to grow up with a missing parent at the dinner table. I felt every bit of this heart breaker. The damage it does when one parent keeps the other away. A gripping memoir about finding out the missing pieces and who we come from.

Dawnny Ruby
Novels N Latte
Hudson Valley NY

Nick the quick
Pearls of Wisdom

Barbara's latest memoir exhibits a challenge to preconceived notions regarding the circumstances of her parent's divorce and the breech in father daughter relationships. Important read for anyone involved in divorce, either parent or sibling. Wit and humor, and a touch of pepper make it a fast and delicious read.

Debbie Rozier
An Interesting Memoir

Everyone has a story to tell and I admire and appreciate those that write their stories to share with others.

Barbara’s story is interesting and introspective as she reflects upon life having a father that she saw in total in her lifetime less than “a forty hour work week.”

While I enjoyed that part of the memoir, I also enjoyed reading about Barbara’s academic struggles and her perseverance to follow her dream of nursing.

Barbara also shares through memories her closeness with her older brother, Stephen. It is also fascinating as Barbara tells about what led to Stephen having groundbreaking neurological surgery when he was a college freshman.

And Barbara’s mom. A beautiful woman who raised her family as a single mom.

Barbara tells of the fine line between the curiosity of wanting to know more about her dad and his life and being loyal to her mom.

An excellent read that Barbara wrote as a healing tool for herself but one we can all enjoy.

Thanks to the author for sending me this book. I’ve shared my honest thoughts.

Diane C Pomerantz, PhD, Author: Lost in the Reflecting Pool
No Matter the Age of the Child, Divorce Does Have Impact

At age 60 the author spits into a vial to try and make sense of things that have never been clear about her parents' divorce which happened when she was a young child. Barbara Santarelli has written a wonderful account of her journey in rewriting her internal narrative of growing up with a single mother, an absent father and the meaning that she derived from this - with both its accuracies and inaccuracies. It is an important book to read in understanding the psychological legacy of divorce.

Stephen C. Payne
Truth. Truth.

The story tells the true story. No enhancements, nothing held back.

A great book.

Molly J. (Cover To Cover Cafe)
Emotionally Moving Memoir!

I haven't been big on reading a lot of memoirs in the past, but this year, blogging for Suzy, I've changed that. I've been reading more and more memoirs and let me tell you. Each one gets better with each one I read. Case in point, this memoir. It was emotional, moving, and definitely worthy of 4 stars.

Barbara Santarelli tells her life's story in a way that will draw the reader right to the center of her life. Being raised by a single mom and not getting to see her dad, really was emotional for me. I was divorced and was a single mom, so some of the events and Santarelli's story hit home for me. I love getting to connect with a memoir like that.

This is definitely worth reading. You'll follow the author on a page turning trip to find out answers, uncover truths, and find out the why's behind being raised by her mother alone. Santarelli has a wonderful talent for writing and she is one I will read again!

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Author/Publisher and was under no obligation to post a review, positive or negative.*

Beautiful Memoir

This was such a quick read and so enjoyable. It was truly about finding what is important in life. The author met her family and chose to see the good, overlooking the bad. What a lesson! The authors writing was dynamic- humorous, witty and energetic! Definitely a recommended read!