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An Ignorant Witch
An Ignorant Witch

An Ignorant Witch

by and

3.70 (19 ratings)
Dara was born with natural power, but it’ll be her death sentence if she’s caught.The aristocratic Witch Kin hold the monopoly on all things magic, and Dara’s half-blood status excludes her from their ranks. She’s never been taught how to control her supernatural abilities, but she has to hide them or pay with her life.Until Hugh arrives on the scene. He may be a rogue witch, but he’s willing to teach her some things if she’ll help him with his quest. Unfortunately for her, a little knowledge can be more dangerous than none at all.And she soon finds out there are no quick fixes to errors in magic...


Kindle Customer

Not my cup of tea.

A great read!

This is a great read! Well written with a unique twist on fairies in an interesting and intriguing world that the author has built, I just could not put this down! A great storyline with some interesting characters , mystery and humour along this a fab read.

Haylee’s Review of Ignorant Witch

Loved the uniqueness of this book! I was a bit hesitant because it’s not my typical fantasy that I usually read but I’m so happy I did! A definite must read❤️

Not sure how I feel about this one

This book took me too long to read. Normally kindle books take me a couple days; a week at the most but not this one. I went into this thinking I would enjoy it or it would be a nice change from what I normally read but I don’t feel like I can give this book anything higher than 3 stars.
I didn’t really relate to any of the characters and I didn’t really like most of them honestly. Dara wasn’t bad but Hugh wasn’t my favorite sometimes and there relationship wasn’t like I thought it would be. Also some of these characters were in the book for most of the time and then all of a sudden something happens with one specific character so then you don’t hear about the rest of the characters until the end. I appreciated the ending because it really left no questions but I’m not really sure if I’m going to read the second one.
I personally just wanted to finish this story. I can’t really DNF books for some reason but I came close with this one because I was just kinda bored and it was not keeping my attention.

Not my style.

For a book with a 20 yo MC the book felt very immature. Written as if the MC is telling us everything rather than having us discover it all together. It just isnt a writing style I enjoy. The story failed to capture me from the get go because I dont really enjoy 1st person narrative.

Kindle Customer
Good book! Original Twist on the Concept & Execution of Fairies in Fiction.

4 Stars. Good book.

What I Liked:
-Beautiful Cover
-Has magic, witches & fairies
-Good World-building
-Original twist on the concept & execution of fairies
-Has a good mix of mystery & humor
-Easy to Read

What Needs Improvement/Wasn't the biggest fan of:
-Likeable MC Dara
-Didn't get emotionally attached to any of the characters (more of a me problem)
-There's a certain level of predictability to the plot; Plot wasn't super gripping for me

I'll make sure to look out for the author's future books.

*Rating & review is subject to change*

richard joesten
An Ignorant Witch

Wow a great read. I loved this story right from the first page to the last. Its a real page turner. I love the mystery of it, amd the humor, this is one of my favorite Genres and it did not disappoint. This is definitely a read I recommend.
Shauna Joesten

Amanda Lyons
Good Read!

This story puts a unique twist on the supernatural world. The author did a wonderful job describing the characters and their surroundings. I can't wait to see what happens next in book two!