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One Fine Mess
One Fine Mess

One Fine Mess


3.80 (54 ratings)

It’s time to show some ovaries.

All Jules Nichols wants is respect—and babies. A quiet life with a happy family. So with the help of her lover, she comes up with a plan to get rid of her abusive hubby. Once Eddie’s dead she and Wesley can live on the insurance money. Quietly. Happily.

They’ve thought everything through: alibis, misleading clues, disposing of the murder weapon, even how often Jules should check in with the cops to make sure something is being done to find Eddie’s killer.

Still, good thing she’s bold and determined, because despite all her planning, the baddies start lining up against her. First it’s the Mob, then drug-dealing bikers, then even her crazy sister. At the same time, the Vermont State Police won’t go away, and Wesley’s not exactly manning up to deal.

There’s also the little issue of that head in a box. 

When Wesley and their new baby are abducted, it’s no time for Jules to lose her own head. Who could have known it would be so hard to commit one little murder and start a family? 


V. Borders
Non-stop Action!

Whew! This is a very fast-paced read - and I enjoyed every page. Very exciting story all the way through.

Jamie Bushehri
Action & Suspense

This book was just the right amount of action, suspense and surprise. It was fast paced but the way the book read didn’t make you feel like you had to read it fast. Just when you think you’ve reached the end, bam - it takes off and surprises you yet again!!

Crazy people getting into crazy situations

What could go wrong went wrong with everything that happened in this story. A woman is trying to get away from her abusive husband and her boyfriend owes money to the mob, her sister wants to make her life miserable and the detectives are watching her. Definitely some humorous situations that everyone in the story gets themselves into. The story kind of reminds me of Christopher Moore books with the crazy situations that the characters get into. Fun romp through their crazy lives. I received an ARC and I voluntarily reviewed this book.

Let the the fun begin!

What a comedy of errors! The title certainly fits. One thing after another kept popping up to keep this pair off kilter. I enjoyed trying to guess what would go wrong next. I received an advance copy for my honest review.

Kindle Chris
Comic novel?

Maybe it's the doom and gloom of today's world, but I was told I was reviewing a comic novel and I was looking forward to a good laugh. Instead I read of a neerdowell and the improbable situations he created. All the elements of a good story are here but I just didn't feel it. Probably me.

One Fine Mess

The author has done a great job with the writing of this story that just when you think you have it figured out and are reaching the end, you find out you're wrong. The writing is captivating and keeps pulling you in and holds your attention til the end.

I received an advance copy of this book from Hidden Gem Books to leave a review.

John L
Fun and entertaining murder story

This book by Mark Petersen was definitely a fun and entertaining read about how Jules and Wesley should not commit murder. There were so many pieces on the board it was hard for them to keep track of all of them: the mob boss and his crew due to Wesley's gambling debts, an abusive husband who was the murder victim, the local police detective, the state police officers, and a deranged and drugged-out sister. And oh yeah, let's not forget the damn gun that refused to stay safely buried and away from law enforcement's grasp. It was also a story about Jules' love for Wesley in spite of what he did or how foolishly he acted. The plot was so fun and almost hilarious in places it kept the story light and airy. This is a voluntary review of an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from Hidden Gems Books.

WOW !!!! After finishing the book, that is my first thought.

WOW !!!! After finishing the book, that is my first thought. It took me a couple of chapters to fully get involved, but by then I was hooked and had to know how it turned out. Jules and Wesley had no idea how one little plan ( no matter how well-thought out they believed ) was going to turn their whole world upside down. There was laughs, shock, some violence and death, and utter disbelief at some of the messes they got themselves into and even more so when they managed to get out. I wouldn't want to be friends or even neighbors with these characters, but I truly enjoyed reading about them. The book seems long and just when you think it's almost over, you realize that you are just finishing Part 1 and that leads you straight into Part 2. Definitely give this book a chance !! I received an Advanced Reader Copy for free.