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Not Like a Lady
Not Like a Lady

Not Like a Lady


4.20 (45 ratings)
Letty’s lost everything but one friend, and her horse.
She desperately needs to convince the fierce baronet to buy any horse but hers.
Now she's causing her own problems, because she cannot stop touching a man she'd been prepared to hate.

The only way Sir Michael Grantley knows how to be the baronet of Roseford is to do what his father did. But he's not his father, he's a salty ex-sailor who lost half a leg in the war and has a far worse temper than his father ever did. Struggling to fill his father's role, he's desperate to get outdoors again - but for that he needs a biddable horse he can ride. He's not prepared for the horse to come with a woman who wants her own life... and who decides that the key to her future is helping him ride again.

Letty has never been anything even close to a lady. Sir Michael imagines that the lady of Roseford Manor will be like his mother: calm and elegant. Neither of them can resist the one person they ought to refuse.

A sensual, engrossing, enchanting romance between two people who can't keep their hands off one another.

“Not Like a Lady” is a historical regency romance novel with steamy moments and sweet ones, of about 300 pages.
It includes a woman with a knack for saying what she thinks and no talent for needlework, a gallant if grumpy baronet, no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a Happily Ever After!

"Not Like a Lady" is a standalone book! but if you enjoyed it, follow it with "The Countess Invention"...