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4.50 (13 ratings)
A handsome bodyguard with a job to do. A beautiful woman in danger. A secret that can destroy everything.

Accompany my pop star sister on her tour to prevent another meltdown splashed across the tabloids…
Easier said than done.
Though, it’s not like I was given a choice.
And after meeting Liam, her gorgeous bodyguard, I’m starting to think being stuck on this tour might not be the worst thing.
Especially when his lips are on mine and my legs quiver from the way he touches me.
But secrets never stay buried for long.
When the truth flips my world upside down, who can I trust?
The man whose arms I long for?
Or is he hiding even more that will leave us in ruins…or worse?

The number rule for every bodyguard: never mix business with pleasure.
I’ve never had a problem keeping my boundaries clear until I meet Gabby Monroe.
The whip-smart, sarcastic, and sexy brunette is just too tempting for me to resist.
So why bother trying?
Giving in to my feelings for her offers me something I’ve never had before—a chance at true happiness.
At least…for now.
The secret I hold could destroy everything, or worse — put Gabby in danger.
And I’ll do anything to protect her.
Even if it means that she will hate me forever.

Guarded was previously published as Guarding Her Heart, though past readers will enjoy this completely revised edition.