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Tower Defender
Tower Defender

Tower Defender


5.00 (5 ratings)

A page-turning riot reminiscent of Philip K. Dick, Kurt Vonnegut, and Bruce Sterling, Tower Defender is a lethal dose of Cyberpunk ready for injection.

Sally Riggs, ex-spacer military attaché, and Robert Holdforth, a renowned inventor, meet while in deparole therapy, the removal of language to reduce connection to traumatic memory. For therapy, they play Tower Defender, a video game relying on a quick trigger finger and a taste for death. In the game, they fight desert raiders and weirdo weapon cultists. They’ve got to learn to work as a team to win the game, and they’ll need those skills to deal with what awaits them in Comm Tower.


Sci Fi at its Best!

This was so worth the read! The main characters in this book were addicting to read for sure. How Sally and Robert thought they were playing a video game for therapy...nope. It was way more than that. This author makes science fiction amazing, and cannot wait to see more from this author. I Will not say anything else because I do not want to spoil. Bravo!

Great writing, great story!

The writing is great, and well above average with impeccable editing. Many parts really shine. I like how you start off with a space scene in the prologue, but the whole book doesn't take place in a space shuttle, as soon you're exploring many other environments, some real some virtual.

Ben Martin

Joseph Hurtgen's science fiction blog is legit. He analyzes everything from 80s sci-fi classics to newly published authors in the genre. Support this dude!

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Baller Status. Can't wait for more from this upcoming ...

Baller Status. Can't wait for more from this upcoming author.