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A Quick Guide to C# with Unity: Get Started with C# in Unity in less than 60 minutes
A Quick Guide to C# with Unity: Get Started with C# in Unity in less than 60 minutes

A Quick Guide to C# with Unity: Get Started with C# in Unity in less than 60 minutes


4.30 (32 ratings)
Why this book can help you to get started fast with C# in Unity

It can be intimidating to start with Unity, and while several books can provide comprehensive information, you may, like many other readers, just want to focus on a particular topic and get started fast.

This book is part of a series entitled A Quick Guide To, and does just this. In this book series, you have the opportunity to get started on a particular topic in less than 60 minutes, delving right into the information that you really need. Of course, you can, after reading this book, move-on to more comprehensive books; however, quite often, you may have little time to complete a project or to get comfortable with a topic fast.

In this book entitled A Quick Guide to C# in Unity, you will discover how to program in C# and you will learn most of the foundation blocks that you need to get started with C# (e.g., variables, methods, events, or Object-Oriented concepts) using a hands-on approach where you learn and practice as you go.

By following the techniques and suggestions described in this short book, I can promise you that you will get started very fast and create your own C# scripts. Along the way, you will also learn about best coding practices, as well as common errors and how to avoid them easily.

Content and structure of this book

In this book, you will learn about using C# with Unity, including:

  • Object-Oriented Principles (e.g., classes, variable scope, events, constructors, etc.).
  • Variables, conditional statements, loops, and other useful structures.
  • Common C# methods used in Unity and their uses.
  • The work flow involved in creating and running a script in Unity.

The main idea behind this book is to help you to get started quickly with C#. So, if you want to start coding in C# with Unity : download this book now!


Troy Martin
Great starter book!

Kind of funnily, I didn't actually mean to buy this book. I was looking on here for free programming books and didn't notice this was 0.99. However, I'm very glad I did!

I already knew all the content but the way it was presented and the condensing of information into an easy-to-read format was a very nice read. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in getting into C# / Unity; it's a great starting point and very clear / concise! Very well done!!

Exactly What You Expect

This book is exactly what you would expect out of a quick start. As someone who has been using C# for years and dabbling in Unity I can easily say I would recommend this book to any beginner. The contents really are not dated and can be easily applied to the latest version of Unity.

The only thing I did not like were the examples of the if clauses. Patrick had them on one line instead of multiple lines with brackets. It has been my experience that the multiple line approach makes the code easier to read.

I chose this book for teaching a class on game ...

I chose this book for teaching a class on game design, because the code concepts were so well organized.

Excellent Guides for Unity - Beginner to Advanced

I've collected and read just about the whole collection of Patrick's Unity guides. They are without a doubt a great way to not only learn Unity but C# and some game AI as well. Keep up the great work Pat!