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Let Your Heart Beat Again
Let Your Heart Beat Again

Let Your Heart Beat Again


4.40 (379 ratings)

~The year is 1960 when men could be men, and women kept the faith.~

One lone woman, four grown sons, one absentee father.

After four months on the job, twenty-four-year-old Rebecca Harper has become something of a jack-of-all-trades on the Cooper Bar-6 Ranch...except for her cooking. But the four strapping sons who run the ranch in their father's absence need wise counsel more than unburnt bread, and Rebecca is perfect for the job. Whether dealing with the driven eldest, the belligerent youngest, or the personalities in between, she recognizes the source of each young man's pain is a lifetime of a father's indifference. As soon as the rogue returns, Rebecca aims to give "Mr. Cooper" a thick piece of her mind.

Not that dishing out hard truth will make her feel any more alive. Past betrayal has taught her to live at arm's length from anyone who might mean too much to her. So she cooks and cleans and counsels, at once harboring anger against a man she has never met and numbing herself against the life she has forgotten to desire.

Until one night, one thunderstorm, and one heroic stranger changes it all.

In that fleeting moment, Rebecca Harper dares to hope her heart will beat again.

* * *
Breath Without Life novels portrays seven bachelor ranchers, each so broken down by old wounds that he cannot conceive of ever finding love. Be there when one Cooper after another meets the one incredible woman who can make him whole again.

Every book within this series is a stand-alone love story, though ranch life circumstances run chronologically through all six novels.