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By Sea & Sky: An Esowon Story
By Sea & Sky: An Esowon Story

By Sea & Sky: An Esowon Story


4.20 (61 ratings)
The sickness was severe…
…and there was one known potion that could save him.
Was piracy the only chance they had?
Zala wasn’t skilled with a sword. She wasn’t blessed with magic. But she knew the Sapphire Seas well. Plundering and raiding was an art of its own, and she got by on her wits. 
Yet she was running out of time. She needed the big score to save her husband.
What was her next move?
Before she even knew it…
…the game changed.
High above them, off the coast of the Ibabi Isles, a strange airship was headed their way. Zala had never seen anything like it. The battle was imminent.
And she was going to need more than her bag of tricks.
You’ll love this adventure inspired by the West Indies, The Swahili Coast, and Arabia, because Zala will encounter ruthless raiders, arrogant aristocrats, and imperial secrets. It will keep you turning the pages.
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