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Zodiac Dragon Boxset: Books 1-9 (Zodiac Dragon Guardians)
Zodiac Dragon Boxset: Books 1-9 (Zodiac Dragon Guardians)

Zodiac Dragon Boxset: Books 1-9 (Zodiac Dragon Guardians)


4.50 (157 ratings)
“She’s worth it, whatever chaos, whatever the bloodshed…whoever you have to kill…she’s worth it all…a hundred times over.”
For thousands of years they’ve hidden in the shadows.Twelve Zodiac Dragons, the last of their kind.  Until now. Now they'll fight for love. And the world will burn.  
**ALMOST 2000 PAGES*** Grab this boxed set today and enjoy as a bonus A Roaring Fire EXCLUSIVE TO THE SET.


Christine M Soat
Dark, pain filled series.

The writing style is good, no grammatical errors or annoying slips of that nature. This just is not my style of book, there was little to no light hearted banter, just more doom and gloom. If you want non stop war and battles and pain, then this is the series for you.

Great read

This is a great set. Looking forward to the next books. Really like how all the different types are woven together.

Good but Frustrating.

I’ve only read the first one but I’m going to try the second to see if it turns out the same. Be that as it may I have some things to say.

The writing is good. The storyline interesting. It’s descriptive and I’m fascinated to learn more about the world and zodiac shifters themselves. That being said I take issue with a strong female character who has dealt with male dominated abuse her whole life just allowing some hot stranger to claim her. They barely know each other and up until the moment they start having sex she is strong and independent not caving but meeting his challenge at every turn. And he was considerate at every turn. I was excited to read about a balanced relationship that still dealt with the fated mate vibe. But it was all for naught.

They have sex and suddenly she’s just okay with belonging to him and being held by the throat. For half a second it seems like she’s going to turn and give as good as she got but of course not he has to always have the upper hand. Suddenly the caring male lead is just a horny dragon who wants to dominate her and her wolf is whimpering scared but somehow that’s acceptable. It just ruins the character building for me. Don’t get me wrong dominance in the bedroom can be a fun thing but when you build up a strong female character like that and then just have her crumble because this one is the one she actually wants to have sex with... I was disappointed to say the least.

I’m tired of strong female leads falling to the whim of alpha males.

Kindle Customer
Very fast paced interesting

Loved the pace, the story lines intetwining, the uniqueness of the individual characters. Looking forward to the rest of the series

Angie Gray
I love them all

Page turning edge of your seat story line with heart felt characters.
I can't wait to read the rest of the them

Super addicting

These books keep you on the edge of your seat! Super addicting! I would encourage any reader to have lots of time to read these books because you won’t want to put them down!

Kindle Customer
Oh my

The stories a good. Not all the same boy meets girl. Girls hates boy, boy has to win over girl. The different spices mating up is great. A little disjointed in some areas where the characters get in their own head. Make it a little confusing but it all works out in the end takes a couple of pages to make sense sometimes, but still a great story line.

Susan Adams
Fun take on paranormal romance.

Intriguing overarching storyline that continues and overlaps between each book. It's building and adding as they go. I can't wait to read the rest.