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My Sinful Nights
My Sinful Nights

My Sinful Nights


4.30 (399 ratings)
A sexy, emotional, heart-stopping romance novel from #1 New York Times Bestselling author Lauren Blakely…
Ten years ago, I let the love of my life slip through my fingers. It’s my greatest regret, especially since she’s all but disappeared. When she walks back into my world unexpectedly, I have one mission — win her back. Whatever it takes.
But the gorgeous, brilliant, tough-as-iron Shannon has secrets of her own, and a family past she’s trying to escape.
Slowly but surely, I break down her walls over our sinful nights together, with a connection more passionate than ever, an intimacy more fiery than it was before.
But the past can only stay behind you for so long. And when the people who want a piece of her family start circling her, I’ll have to prove I’m the man to protect her from her suddenly dangerous present.

MY SINFUL NIGHTS is a reimagining of the 2015 story SWEET SINFUL NIGHTS (no longer available for sale). MY SINFUL NIGHTS has been rewritten in first person with an entirely new romance for Shannon and Brent, new characterizations and new conflict in this second chance romance! THE SINFUL MEN SERIES includes the following titles: MY SINFUL NIGHTS, MY SINFUL DESIRE, MY SINFUL LONGING, MY SINFUL LOVE, and MY SINFUL TEMPTATION.


Alexandra Murry

Not a very good book. Story is all over. Main character is very boring. Could have been a lot better.

Shelley Peters
Misunderstanding and Refound Love

My Sinful Nights is the first book in the Sinful Men series. It is also an updated and new cover version of Lauren Blakely's 2015 Sweet Sinful Nights.

Brent and Shannon were college sweethearts. They accepted dream jobs across the country from each other and tried to make a long distance relationship work. Long hours trying to prove yourself at a first job kept them from seeing each other two often and a big misunderstanding broke them apart.

A decade later and they have both reinvented themselves in a new career. Brought together by Brent's nightclubs wanting Shannon's choreography skills for a sensual floor show, Brent is determined to never let Shannon go again.

Shannon holds some secrets and resentment over her previous assumptions that keep her from being all in until she learns the truth.

This second chance romance has an underlying murder and mystery in it that leaves us with a bit of a cliffhanger at the end, but the couple gets their HEA.


Joe arden and Andi Arndt, were the audiobook narrators, and what an performance! I love the characters, the plot, and the second chance romance they got there. I truly adore how they manage to grow up and be apart to do their career paths. It's such a heartbreak kind of deal but with all the misunderstanding, will their fate from above, be surpass. To be re-kindle again, will it come to trying their love again? I think this story is so sweet and beautiful! for the characters- Joe Arden pulled off being so alpha as Andi Arndt, as always is the best to keep it upbeat & real.

Colorado Cowgal
This was a whirlwind of a book!

Love gone wrong. check
Misunderstandings. check
Steamy sex. check
mystery. check
I really enjoyed this book! It's definitely a book for adults only because of the graphic sex...
I liked that there was an actual story line with suspense and drama.

Julie Tucker-Wolek

I usually love Lauren Blakeley's work, but this one sadly was just meh. Shannon/Shay seemed a little too whiney and needy. She wants Brent by her side all the time, and to put her above his work. But welcome to the world where people have to work to give you the presents you always love. So not my fave of LB's.

Love fines a way

What a great story. The characters are loveable with strength and full of life. I am looking forward to reading more of this series. Lauren Blakely writesvwith such passion and fast action it keeps you wanting more. ⚘⚘⚘

Maine girl
Not so good

I really didn’t like this book but whether a person likes a book is very subjective. Someone else may think it is good.

greg dixon
my sinful nights

A good read for people who are in to the series recommend highly can't wait for the next one of the series a really enjoyable read but quick shaping up to be a enjoyable series must read the next one of the series