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4.90 (461 ratings)

My name is Ben Conner. I’m a pro fighter, the son of a murderous wifebeater, overprotective big brother, and Evelyn Kincaid’s best friend.
I’ve known Evie since we were kids. I loathed her on first sight, and picked on her as often as she picked on me, but somewhere around my fifteenth birthday, my dislike was replaced with something else. It was foreign and new, potent and exciting.
Now Evie is the woman I’d die for. The friend I would kill for.

Evie may be strong enough to fight her own battles, but she’s wild, and too spontaneous for her own safety, so I’m going to be right here, protecting her six, cleaning up her crazy, and praying she gets on board when I tell her I’ve loved her for years.

My five-year plan has been put in place, my claim has been made, but I could lose more than a round in the octagon when another fighter enters a competition he was never invited to.

What I feel for Evie was never up for negotiation, but she’s always been my wildcard.

From the author of the best selling Rollin On Series, comes this roller coaster love story that will make you sigh, scream, melt, and giggle; all on the same page. Scroll up and get your copy now and find out what all the fuss is about.


Cake Shack
Cliffhanger Alert!!

I'm typically ok with a Cliff hanger, but I do NOT like to be surprised by one. I did not read anywhere that this book was a part one.

Young love and fighting how perfect is that.

Growing up Rollin. Ben and Evie did not expect her college experience to change them like it did. And really neither did her family.

Amazon Customer
I think I love next gen even more

Every damn time you slay me! I love the next gen so much already! And smalls is still a spitfire and I love her! And ben awww our little.benny... every book is better than the last!

Kindle Customer

Smalls is so that. Ben is her then ever. I hope for this book and was so happy to read it. Loved seeing then all grown and living their best life.


It was so amazing finally being able to get the POV of Ben and Evie. Such a great read and I can’t wait to read the next one.

Tiffany H
Loved it

I felt the heartbreak coming before even starting this book. If you're a true fan of Emilia Finn then you already know something with tear Evie and Ben apart before they get to their second book "Reshuffle". I was so nervous to keep reading because I didn't want their relationship to fall apart yet. The end of the book had me crying. I wasn't expecting the Epilogue to go the way it did, but now I'm curious to see what happens in "Reshuffle"!

Kindle Customer
Loved it

This was a great start to the next generation. I was hooked from the beginning. Cannot wait to read the next book in this series.

Friends to lovers gone bad

Evie and Ben have been best friends for years but you don't get all of those details since it starts when Evie takes the reins and brings Ben out of the friend zone. Evie is forced to go to college and they both must face the realities of a long distance relationship by fore they really got started. They are still teens and this proves to be more than they can handle. This book is part 1 of a duet. Look forward to reading how their relationship progresses.