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When the Red Wolf Runs
When the Red Wolf Runs

When the Red Wolf Runs


4.10 (51 ratings)

There are no wolves in Texas.

At least, that's what I've been told my entire life. The truth is: no one's seen one since they went extinct in the wild twenty years ago.

No one except me.

This occurrence would be strange on any day. But minutes after I think I see a red wolf in the wild, a new family moves in across from me, and I meet none other than Jackson Meadows. He claims to be from out of town, but something tells me he and his single father hold a secret that goes back generations—and may change the town forever.


bad just bad

Makes no sense. The motivation for this one family causing problems for the main character is thin at best. I finally gave up I’m the last chapter when it was obvious just the cliffhanger for the next story. Seriously don’t waste your time.

Mel M
Come Time........ WTF

I will read almost anything, especially fantasy, and generally mistakes don't bother me as i'm more about the story etc, but SERIOUSLY WTF was up with the author's constant use of "come time", I wanted to pull my hair out!!!! OMG definitely suggest this author go for some lessons in writing, the sentence structure was also atrocious. The story line was good, but simply due to the repetitive use of "Come Time" and incorrectly structured sentence, I can only give this book 2 stars, I will NOT be reading the next books in this series.

Shannon Nicholson
I highly recommend

I love the take the author used for the wolves. I couldn't stop reading until I was finished I am looking forward to reading book 2


Not my usual wolf story, which is okay if that’s your thing, but I read shifter stories for the fantasy, I’m not looking for normal, I want escapism. So story did not appeal to me for that reason. The second thing is too much in the mind of a teenager, yep don’t ever want to be in my mind when I was a teenager. And yeah, I’m reading YA, I just think the balance wasn’t there between being to much in her mind and exciting story line. I did finish the story so I’m definitely not saying it was a bad story, just not my style.

Avid Reader
Sorry, just cannot finish this one.

I really tried to finish this book but the dialog is so boring I just can't do it. The characters were flat and no connection between the heroin or assumed hero. Also a bit confused as to why a teen girl constantly refers to her love interest as "young man" through the book.

Even though the story is fiction, you still want it to be as believable as possible. The antagonism\bullying in the book is ridiculous and over the top when the author tries to make you believe it is all due to a report the heroin has written.

C Burns
Good but f word and bullying

This was a good story, but I do not like the f word and it was used a few times. Also there is bullying, so if that would be a trigger for you, it might be best if you did not read this.

Ali Maloney

A very interesting story line with well developed characters. The overwhelming loss and rage make for a good setup for book 2.

Amazon Customer
Quick clean read

There were a few grammatical errors in this book. Overall a good clean read with likable characters. Warring this book ends in a cliffhanger.