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Crossed By Death
Crossed By Death

Crossed By Death


4.60 (131 ratings)
Salvaging from historic buildings isn’t supposed to require reporting a murder.

When salvage expert and historian Paisley Sutton crawls into an abandoned store with a house attached, she certainly isn’t expecting to find a body on site. But soon, her discovery sends Paisley on an expedition through history that links this murder to the one that led the previous owners to abandon the building in the first place. And someone doesn’t want her to salvage this story from the wreckage.

Can Paisley preserve herself and her young son while also uncovering the stories that matter most?


Grandma Becky
Better then a mystery movie.

This mystery novel was hard to put down. I read way into the night and finished the next morning. I finished book 4 again hard to put down. I went ahead n ordered book 5 which will be down loaded in August.

Great Plot

This is the first book in a series featuring Paisley Sutton. Paisley is the mother of a toddler, and a self-employed rescuer of old things from buildings being demolished that she then fixes up and sells. In this book, it leads to finding a murder victim.

Very interesting plot, well-written, and generally good character development. As someone who does a lot of needlework and reads a lot of mysteries, I think this is the first one I have ever read that involves counted cross stitch. I was torn between finishing the book or going and working on a project. I’m going to go buy the next book now!

Parts are unrealistic

Interesting story but this writer has either a Mensa 2, year old or mixed up the toddler s age At 2 I know no child who speaks that much or can handle tools like this one.

Amazon Customer
Cozy with Substance

Crossed By Death is a wonderful blend of quaint rural setting with interesting but not over the top characters. If you have an appreciation of history and like substance in your mysteries, I recommend this novel.

Kindle Customer
Salvaged Murder

Single mom, historian, and salvager Paisley Sutton is working a job at a long abandoned gas station when she discovers a recently murdered woman. Researching the building's history as well as that of the owner puts Paisley's life in danger. ACF Bookens writes such believable stories centering around friendship, kindness, and everyday life which keep me reading into the wee hours of the morning.

Shelly Mendenhall
Fabulous story

ACF Bookends has done it again. Crossed by death is an intriguing and yet sweet little story. The characters especially Paisley Sutton, the main character are extremely engaging. There is never a lull in the story and it leaves you intrigued to see who dun it until the very end.

Great use of backstory of characters with Paisley’s description as a single mother of a toddler and their sweet life together surrounded with love by friends and her parents who her toddler call Boppy and Baba.

Bravo! I just loved this story.

Peggy Flack Ake
It's serious mystery, made me cry and laugh out loud. Highly recommended!

This book is very enjoyable. It's not only a terrific mystery with a surprise ending, but I loved the characters and the budding romance was so endearing. It touched my heart. I cried a few times, but laughed aloud more times. The author writes a clean story that is appropriate for teens to senior citizens. I am looking forward to reading more of her books.

Cozy Death In The Most Complex Way!

With this debut novel of a wonderful new cozy mystery series set in Virginia. Seriously, I got the feeling of North Carolina but... you enter the world of salvage construction via an historic view point of a divorced single mom. Just what was the lives of the Scruggs like?

And, why is there a body in the bedroom, which was a murder scene twenty years earlier? Why was either person killed? Is there a connection?

If your enjoy history and cross-stitch this series is for you. I, personally, fell right into the mystery and almost read this book non-stop.

Good character development. The mystery was a mystery. And, the touch of genealogy drew me in. I love complex tales.

Grab a copy and enjoy Ms. Bookens' prose style.