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Tribulation, Book 1: Saints
Tribulation, Book 1: Saints

Tribulation, Book 1: Saints


4.70 (92 ratings)

As tribulation engulfs the world, Grace Winslow does her best to prepare for the inevitable persecution. When she gets word that government agents are coming for the remaining Christians, she’s ready to run. Or so she thought.
Grace flees to the mountains with her aunt, intending to join a small group of Christians who would face imprisonment or death at home. But as troubles grow into conflicts, living with strangers in a survival crisis proves far more difficult than she’d imagined.
The newest member of the group, Maxwell Flynn, finds himself both captivated and repelled by Grace. But he doesn’t have time to give her much thought – he’s focused on protecting his little brother, an unusual boy with a devotion to God… and a strong tendency toward accidents.Their daring escape is full of perils. Will the new group be captured or succumb to the wilderness? Can they find a way to carve out a tenuous existence in the dangerous new world?SAINTS is the first book in the suspense-filled, post-apocalyptic TRIBULATION series. Like all books by Jamie Lee Grey, this is a faith-based, clean read. Join the adventure today!