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Tomes and Terriers
Tomes and Terriers

Tomes and Terriers


4.50 (64 ratings)
A forgotten life. A mysterious murder. A secret library with all the answers...
In the tiny town of Remembrance, Oregon, Allison Rye guards of a library of memories. Her only job? Keep the library hidden. Because the magic books could be dangerous in the wrong hands, and the wrong hands are definitely interested.
But when a resident at her husband’s care facility is murdered—and a sweet old lady is blamed—Allison finds herself drawn into the investigation. She knows something that police don’t, something she can’t reveal without becoming a murder suspect herself.With her intrepid foster Yorkie to keep her from barking up the wrong tree, Allison sets out to find the killer on her own. But as she combs the enchanted library for the killer’s identity, she uncovers more questions than answers…and secrets deeper than she ever imagined.First in a new series, Tomes & Terriers is a magical realism mystery that will change the way you think about memory and magic, fidelity and friendship.
Will Allison catch the culprit—or will she get lost in a forest of memories? Click the Buy Now button at the top and enter the world of Remembrance today.