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The Sheikh's Baby Bargain: A baby to secure his kingdom with a wife he barely speaks to...
The Sheikh's Baby Bargain: A baby to secure his kingdom with a wife he barely speaks to...

The Sheikh's Baby Bargain: A baby to secure his kingdom with a wife he barely speaks to...


4.30 (136 ratings)
A baby to secure his kingdom... Powerful Sheikh Rafiq Al-Khalil has no interest in his bride of convenience. But a year into their cold marriage, he desperately needs an heir. For the sake of his kingdom, he must strike a bargain with his wife: to make their marriage a real one!Chloe knew what she was getting when she married the enigmatic ruler of Ras el Kida, and their deal suited her just fine! But when he proposes a change to their relationship, Chloe is powerless to resist, and the heat that hums between them threatens to explode!From a cold marriage of convenience to red hot passion, but only for the sake of an heir...Book one in THE EVERMORE SERIES, passionate stories about star-crossed lovers, destiny, and romance that sets your soul on fire.


Dora Torres
Loved it!

Very few books have me reading each single word. Usually, there are so many extra details or thoughts that do not help the story. It only adds to make the book longer, or worse, to make it a duet or trilogy… This book had my attention and I enjoyed reading every page!

KJ Keelty
A good surprise

This book exceeded my expectations. It had a good blend of angst and plot. It was an enjoyable, lightweight read.

Amazon Customer
The Sheikh's Bargain Match

I always thought that the main characters would get to their happy ending but there were so many unexpected twists and turns getting there! There were many times as I read that I wanted to smack the very stubborn sheikh . I did wish that Chole's father had made an effort to heal his relationship with her before his death but true to life , that opportunity was missed. Finally Chole did get her much wished for family at the end. A great HEA

The Concord Lady
Trite sheik tale

This novel was devoid of any editing causing some issues for the reader! At first, it seem to drag but the ending redeemed this rather trite love story! An arranged marriage that ended happily, of course....we would hardly expect otherwise?

Excellent Book

Very enjoyable book.

Peggy Kindt
Superb love story!

This is true love. Two star struck individuals totally right for each other; who only want what's I best for the one they love. Readers of all ages you're in for one heck of a Great read. Grab a cuppa coffee; have the tissues within reach and enjoy this magical desert romantic tug of war. PottsvillePA_08252020. Loved this book!

Janet B
Good read

A somewhat twisted tale of love and misunderstanding. Instead of asking questions and seeking answers, they both stumbled and fell apart. Fortunately, that is when answers appeared.

Kristin Miller
An easy read

If you can get over the errors in the book (how many times did I find the name Apollo when it should have said Raffa), then it's an enjoyable read. And really, some of the blame should go to th editor. It's a good story, very original in places, and the descriptions are lovely. I really appreciated all of the work that went into this book and the characters were easy to root for.