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The Perfect Girl
The Perfect Girl

The Perfect Girl


3.90 (98 ratings)
She was beautiful, popular and successful, the one they all wanted to be. So who, or what, was she running from?

When reclusive writer, Jock falls for vivacious Tea Shop owner, Sapphire, he is amazed that she seems to feel the same way about him. He watches with pride as Sapphire is crowned May Queen at the town's May Day celebrations, but his joy turns to heartbreak when she runs off into the crowd, never to return.

As the days pass, he becomes increasingly desperate. Everyone he speaks to seems to love Sapphire. No one has a bad word to say about her. So why did she run away like that, and what is stopping her from coming back?

The Perfect Girl is a claustrophobic British thriller set on the English/Welsh border.

Ideal for fans of Paula Hawkins, Julia Crouch, Rachel Abbott and S.J Watson

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This book was previously titled May Queen Killers