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The Past Awakens
The Past Awakens

The Past Awakens


4.50 (24 ratings)

Just when CSI Madison Corman thinks settling into her new job is going to give her the advantages she needs, a new case comes along that proves too good to be true. Together with Warren, she’ll right old wrongs and prove that the past is sometimes better left unsolved.

Detective Silas Warren has gone years dealing with regret. Just when he thinks his life is under control, old ghosts come back to haunt when new cases take on characteristics from cases past and threatens his future.


Half a Book?

The end is finding out why the protagonist cares to solve the case and not actually solving the case. It ends in the middle, with no leads, just after they decide that yes, the killer from 5 years ago is actually back. Blargh.
Add to that that the protagonist is not likable. And not charmingly unlikable either.

The Past Awakens

i read this book as part of an arc program. This is the first book in a new series, The Evidence Speaks. In this book, Madison is a CSI and recently returned to Chicago to start work. Madison has secrets of her own and the reasons why she is there slowly unfold as the story continues. Madison also works closely with Detective Silas Warren and she has to earn his trust so she can learn more about a past case. Silas also is very attracted to Madison and they fight their attraction to one another. Madison doesn't want to confuse her feelings for Silas, but she needs to get close to him. There appears to be a killer that Silas thought was caught that dies in prison killing again, or there is a copycat. Silas always wondered if they had the right man and he is slow to accept the killer could be back. I liked this book, it does end with a cliff hanger, but it will be continued in more books. I like Madison, i have a lot of questions about her past, but i am enjoying the mystery.

When the past comes back

I loved this, can't wait to see where it goes CSI Madison Corman with a new job hoping to put the wrongs right however did she bite of more. I received this
and voluntarily choose to reveiw.

Solid start to the series

WL Knightly is a master of mystery and suspense. Her series draw you in and captivate you, making you want to read each story in one sitting, no matter how long that might be.

This story started off a bit slow for me...but it was still a great book. Copy cat killer or was the wrong man wrongfully convinced years ago? What other mysteries are lurking in the shadows? I can’t wait for the next story so I can find out.

I received an advanced reader copy of this book and voluntarily provided this review

Alisa Douglas
And we're off!

This series is off with a bang! I enjoyed the dynamic between Silas and Madison and the big reveal before the cliffhanger blew my mind. I have to say these authors know how to give the reader a murder mystery with all the feels and so much more!

Linda Kain
Has the Wrong Person Been Convicted? To Be Continued ....

I am so excited about this new series from WL Knightly. This is the start of a new murder series. Madison, newly hired CSI relocates to Chicago. Silas, a Police Detective is investigating a murder resembling a series of murders he solved years ago. He wondered at that time if the wrong man was convicted, but his supervisor tells him the right person was convicted. Silas and Madison are teamed up and the mystery begins. The book leaves you wanting more and there is more to come in the next book. Buy this book for an enjoyable read.

Karen S

A great start to a new series that promises to be thrilling and action-packed. There is mystery, intrigue, murder, and realistically portrayed main characters. The main characters are relatable, intelligent, and very good at their respective jobs. I enjoyed this entertaining and engaging read. I voluntarily read an ARC and this is my honest review.

Great book! Can't wait for the next book!

Great book! Can't wait for the next book! I was hooked from the start.