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Kissing The Enemy
Kissing The Enemy

Kissing The Enemy

by and

4.30 (413 ratings)

Frederica Vale is about to cause a scandal that will make her a target of the most dangerous spy network in England.London, 1806. Fredrica “Freddie” Vale would do anything to protect her younger sister. When a dubious benefactor threatens Freddie’s family, he gives the plain girl a mission. To keep her sister safe, Freddie must steal a codebook from enemies of the British crown…Tristan Graylocke has always benefitted from diminished expectations. As the duke’s younger brother, he can carouse at-will during high-society affairs. It also keeps anyone from suspecting him of espionage as he prepares to pass on the codebook…When Tristan spots an enemy spy in the crowd, he’s not sure if the innocent girl is bad at her job… or a master of deception. But in this seductive game of cat and mouse, will achieving their mission keep them from falling in love?Kissing the Enemy is the first book in a series of Regency romance novels with a dash of espionage. If you like simmering mysteries, character chemistry, and pulse-pounding action, then you’ll love this amorous adventure from USA Today bestselling author Leighann Dobbs and co-author Harmony Williams.


A stretch to believe


Completely farfetched and implausible.

The gullibility of the heroine and the non-communication and lack of follow through by the hero after she revealed startlingly info was completely foolish on his part. There was really no meat to this spy charade since there were holes galore in Freddie's judgement as well as Tristan's.

However I still liked the hero and the heroine despite their bungling through this spy romance. Both are charming in their own way. I have to say there is a lot to be said for good chemistry. I liked them together so I finished this in order to get to their HEA.

This is a low steam romance. There is one relatively short and heated scene, however there is no consummation.

It also ended abruptly so the HEA afterglow is minimal. The epilogue is not about them but sets up the brother, Morgan's story.

Amazon Customer
Playing at spying

I enjoyed the twists this book had in it, especially right at the end. I thought I had it all worked out but was so totally wrong!! Very well done! I look forward to seeing what mischief Morgan gets into in the next book.

Kindle Customer
Excellent Regency Spy Suspense Novel

Excellent spy Regency suspense novel with a lovely cover about a young woman, demanded by her family's guardian, to find a covert spy book for him at a two-week gathering in exchange for independence from him. Little did she know that there was much more involving mis-truths in the scenario. During this, Freddie (the female main character's nick-name) and the spy-family sponsor of the get-together, come to enjoy each other's company being thrown together by a younger sister. It's all very confusing, until unraveled, when it makes sense. But that's part of the mystery. Only thing not crazy about were the nicknames Freddie and Charlie which would be highly unlikely for women of the Regency era. A good, entertaining spy-suspense novel read.

A delightful read

This was a cute little story. I rather enjoy regency spy novels and this one did not disappoint. I had a hard time putting it down.


Love this series. Good enjoyable easy read that is not super silly

C. Johnson
to much thinking

decent story line but spend most of the book in what someone is thinking it even breaks up conversation could of been 100 pgs less

Great character description.

I did like the witty dialogue and the excellently drawn characters. There was also good descriptions of the surroundings and of the period restraints and governing rules. I didn’t appreciate the one graphic sexual scene. It wasn’t needed for the plot. Wish I had been warned.

Different genre, same quality

I'll admit to be a bit biased because I love this type of period writing and stories. This book was quite clever and entertaining, and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series, admittedly in between the paranormal book series I'm also hooked on.