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The Last Heartbeat: Love at Last, Book 1
The Last Heartbeat: Love at Last, Book 1

The Last Heartbeat: Love at Last, Book 1


4.20 (5 ratings)

Four years after her daughter's death, Agathe knows that hope is for losers and so is love. Work has become her greatest escape. But even the world’s loneliest woman can’t hide forever… Reluctant CEO Luke Tindall wants a wife, a family, a love that will last. He might have hired Agathe to save his company and deal with his goofy brother, but from the very first meeting, he has desired far more than her sharp wit and tireless work ethic. If only her past wasn’t such a big secret. If only that secret wasn’t a wound she didn’t want healed. Maybe then she’d share more with him than her body. But even as Agathe can no longer deny her feelings for Luke, love is not something she thinks she deserves. Now she is left with an impossible choice: lose Luke forever, or lose the one thing that makes her life worth living. ——— *Book One in the “Love At Last” Series, however, all books can still be read as a standalone. Author's Note: Enemies-to-lovers. Opposites attract. Slow burn. Heat with heart and big emotions. Angsty with bursts of humor. Interracial couple. Small-town and Big City. Ex-military hero. Strong, hot mess, heroine. Wounded characters with a second chance at life. A tough hero that “gets it” and wants his woman to be whole. Steamy!


Nate D
Entertaining read

This was an entertaining read. And a new author for me. I got a copy of the book. And am voluntarily leaving my review.

Rachel C.
Real People With Heartbreaking Problems

I received an advance review copy from the author and am leaving this review voluntarily.
A heartbroken woman works and nothing else. A guilty man tries to save his brother and starts a whole company to do it. Neither strategy works very well after a few years. They meet and are attracted to each other, but he senses she isn't sure and backs off. Her next contract is with his company.
Characters this real are rare in romance novels. They tease and poke at each other. She confronts problems with his company that he has not. They give in and have great sex. They confess their deepest secrets, and then she walks away after she is unable to commit and thinks she has destroyed his company. But then a miracle occurs! A character actually gets therapy!! I often wonder why characters in romances think they have to figure everything out alone or with their equally clueless friends and never seek professional help. She does work things out, and the happy ending follows.
The writing is excellent. We feel what they each feel, even though it is unreasonable guilt in both cases. The world does not end when she stops working, and he stops sacrificing himself.

Pretty good

This was a pretty good romance. I did feel that it Luke and Agatha did have a good connection with one another, but their path towards reaching each other felt like it was a bit stilted. Other than that, it was a fun romance to read

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Kindle Customer
A great read!

This is a great book with a great storyline but with lots of typos that I'm sure the author will correct before release.