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Girl Hidden: A Detective Kaitlyn Carr Novella (A Detective Kaitlyn Carr Mystery)
Girl Hidden: A Detective Kaitlyn Carr Novella (A Detective Kaitlyn Carr Mystery)

Girl Hidden: A Detective Kaitlyn Carr Novella (A Detective Kaitlyn Carr Mystery)


4.30 (60 ratings)
Don’t run after me…

A family is found dead in their home. The only survivor is the teenage daughter who managed to escape the burning house.

Who killed them? And why? Detective Kaitlyn Carr has to bring their killer to justice.

A year before her disappearance, Violet, Kaitlyn’s sister, comes to stay with her after a bad fight with their mom. She can’t stand living at home as much as Kaitlyn once did and wants to move in with her.

But Kaitlyn was just promoted to detective and her hours are erratic and long. She’s never home and she can’t take care of a teenager. Or maybe she can?

As she gets closer and closer to finding out who killed the Hendrel family, her own family reaches a breaking point.

What happens when her sister asks her to do the impossible? What happens when she can’t say no?

What happens when the dysfunction of her own family threatens to blow up her face and let the killer off for good?

Girl Hidden is a suspenseful thriller novella set in the same world as the Girl Missing series. It is perfect for fans of A. J. Rivers, Mary Stone, Willow Rose, James Patterson, Melinda Leigh, Kendra Elliot, Ella Gray, and Karin Slaughter. It has mystery, angst, a bit of romance and family drama.


Karin B
Enjoyed it

This is a quick little novella that sets up the rest of the series perfectly, it’s full of mystery and suspense and I devoured it

Kenneth Lingenfelter
Great crime mystery

A family of four is killed except for one teenage girl. She escapes while the house is on fire and runs 2 miles to a neighbors house. Detective Kaitlyn Carr is called on her day off to help with the case. I really enjoyed reading this crime mystery. The author kept my interest from the beginning. I will read more from this series.

A really good book

This book is full of drama that pulls the reader into a thriller that is fast paced. There is intrigue and twists and turns that leaves you wondering just who done it. A really good book. I voluntarily reviewed a free advance reader copy of this book and gave my honest opinion.

Awesome book,Highly recommended!!!!!

If you like Lisa Renee Jones, Kat Martin, James Patterson you'll like this new book, can't wait for the next book. Very highly recommended!!!!!

Suspenseful Crime Read

This quick read crime mystery features LAPD Detectve Kaitlyn Carr, her teenage sister Violet, and Detective Thomas Abrams, her love interest and assigned partner. Kaitlyn and Thomas are assigned to a case where the Hendel family was murdered except for Angie, a fourteen year old teenager, who escapes and holds the clues they need to solve this mysterious murder. This well written novella introduces the primary characters for this new suspenseful series which end in a jaw dropping conclusion. The next book in this series is Girl Missing which I can hardly wait to read. I highly recommend this book.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

Tara Peters
Enjoyed this novella and meeting this detective

A wonderful, but short, book about Kaitlyn Carr and her life. The case she has to solve is interesting and complex. I wish it would have been dissected a little more, but I understand a novella doesn’t have that luxury.

I can’t wait to read more about her sister, mom and Tom. He seems like a nice guy so I hope he isn’t a sheep in wolves clothing. Her mom seems to be a conniving, manipulative person, but I guess we’ll see. Her sister seems immature, but she is still in high school, but she also seems to know what she wants. This story left me intrigued to know more about the life of detective Carr.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest, voluntary review.

Good series starter

This short novella started out strong and kept my interest throughout. The plot was well executed. Kaitlyn is a homicide detective and a likable character. She’s currently dating the detective that she’s working this murder case with. I haven’t decided if he’s “boyfriend material”, yet. I guess we’ll see! I’m looking forward to reading more about their relationship and more about her sister and her mom. This is going to be a very good suspense/thriller series. *This honest review is based on a complimentary copy from the author*

Enjoyed reading this!

Girl Hidden is a short novella, introducing the world to Detective Kaitilyn Carr. I like her work ethic in solving cases and the different relationships she has to also deal with in the story.

This story starts with some tragic action, but the suspense right through to the end when we discover who is responsible was an interesting ride.

Kaitilyn not only has to deal with work, she has her internal self battles, relationships with her sister, mother and her work partner to deal with.

I can't wait to read more from Kate Gable

Reasons I enjoyed this book:

Easy-to-read, Entertaining, Page-turner, Tragic, Unpredictable, Wonderful characters

Anna V

Girl Hidden was awesome. Kaitlyn Carr is a detective with the LAPD. She gets a new case, the Hendrels' murders and the only survivor is the fourteen year old, Angie. While trying to solve this case, she is also dealing with her sister Violet and mother. I really enjoyed this story. It was a quick and easy read that was fast paced and interesting.