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The Acadia Enigma
The Acadia Enigma

The Acadia Enigma

by and

4.60 (193 ratings)
A rash of killings threatens “The Way Life Should be” in Downeast Maine

The Downeast region of the Maine coast is known for its independent, hard-working people, its picturesque settings — and its seafood. But behind the thousand islands, the countless miles of coastline, and the postcard scenery, bad things are happening in Acadia National Park.

Kendra Hale, fresh off a dangerous assignment in Miami, is brought in by the FBI’s Special Projects Group to assist area law enforcement in their investigation. Though she’s drawn in by the friendly people, good food, and beauty of the area, her investigation places her in the crosshairs of a serial killer.

Filled with the action, adventure and seaworthy settings you’ve come to expect in best-selling author Steven Becker’s books, this new series promises not to disappoint.


Ellen Oceanside

Kurt and his wife vacationing in Maine. When out fishing he hooks a body. FBI Agent Kendra is brought in, is it a serial killer. Showing the conflict of the old timers in the area. While those of money have come to retire there.

Barbara Walton
An entertaining summer read.

This book was so much fun. Being from Maine I got a kick out of the places mentioned. I actually worked for Chuck Benton when he was in his DARPA mode. Never thought I'd see him as an author. I am also reading the second book Cape Cod Enigma Special Projects and I can see he had a hand in the technology in it. I also plan to read the third book too. Hope they keep them coming!
Barbara Walton

Patrick R.
Great story!!!

Even on vacation Kurt Hunter just has this thing about catching dead bodies. While fishing from the shore of an island off the coast of Maine, he catches another one. Little does he know that it's part of a deranged killer trying to cover his tracks. FBI Agent Kendra Hale flies to Maine to start her own investigations into the death of not just this body but 2 others as well k

Michael J. DiPinto
Great read

If New England is or was your back yard you will enjoy this book, set in Maine. This is a fast and enjoyable read.

Oh yes action packed

I enjoyed another awesome book by Steven Becker. I like the way Kurt and Justine were incorporated into the story. YES I recommend this book.

mark gilligan
Great introduction

I thought the characters were described well and paired excellently. The storyline is well paced, and not rushing to wrap the story up in a couple of pages.

Derek Smiley
This series has “legs.”

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Great characters and excellent writing that kept me flipping pages! I look forward to many more in the series. It’s got legs!
Well done Steven Becker!

L. Carey
Great new chary

What a good new read. New characters and new places with the same great story telling we have come to expect. I love Maine, and the water.