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Taunting the Biker (Biker MC Romance) Book 9: Biker MC Romance
Taunting the Biker (Biker MC Romance) Book 9: Biker MC Romance

Taunting the Biker (Biker MC Romance) Book 9: Biker MC Romance


4.60 (105 ratings)

Written by USA Today Bestselling Author Cassie Alexandra
We all have weaknesses. She's... mine.

Charlie is spoiled, conniving, and used to getting her way. She's a gorgeous, hot mess. One who doesn't take rejection well and fights dirty, like her father. Did I mention that her old man is connected to the Cartel? I don't need that in my life. I have a daughter to raise and another woman who needs my protection. The only problem is, every time I'm near Charlie, I lose my mind. She knows it, too... and loves taunting me.


Pamela Altman Talley
Taunting The Biker (Biker MC Romance) Book 9: Another Freaking Rollercoaster Ride!

This is Mad Dog (Maddox) and Charlotte's (Charlie/Chuck) story. Charlie is in for more than one shocking look into the life she has been living. Her Dad is a crook and a huge manipulator. She just wants to live her life her way. Love this glad Cassie Alexandra didn't stop after book 6.
Thank you Cassie for sharing your hot alpha bikers and their kickass ladies with us. Book 10 in the series is Betraying The Biker available at all the usual retailers.

Kindle Customer
I liked the story, as far as it went

But when the end came and the author tied up all the loose ends in one page, that's where you lost me. I won't read any of thrse again.

nicole igel

I love this series. You get sucked in and don't want to put the books down. Please keep writing more.

Excellent book series!

I have all of the Biker series in paperback and love them all. I can’t wait for Betraying the Biker to come out in paperback form. Cassie Alexandra is one of my favorite authors.

Kindle Customer

This was a good read in the series. Just not as good as the first 4 which were my favorites in this series.

Darla B.
Another thumbs up

I loved Maddox and the bikers stuff. I had issues with the Charlie character. She seemed a bit too naive. And I don't understand why she'd want to be a chef when she can't even cook.
The story was good but ended abruptly. I would've liked to have seen more of her and Maddox.

Shelly Swope
Wonderful series

Loved this whole series, and hope to have more of them. I'm sure there are more stories to tell about these sexy bikers.