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Stay Hired: Thriving & Surviving in the 21st Century Workplace
Stay Hired: Thriving & Surviving in the 21st Century Workplace

Stay Hired: Thriving & Surviving in the 21st Century Workplace


5.00 (2 ratings)
“Stay Hired should be required reading for any person transitioning into the work world.”—Shannon Gougis, Chief People Officer

You spend your whole life studying and training to do a job. But no one teaches you how to go to work.Stay Hired offers real-world advice in short, easy-to-read chapters highlighting the best practices to thrive in the workplace. Employment attorney Karen Michael provides essential resources on fundamentals such as workplace conduct, ethics, discrimination and harassment, work-life balance, social media use, and employee legal rights and responsibilites.Karen brings three decades of experience as a practicing attorney, human resources executive, college professor, columnist, and president of her own human resources and employment law firm. She now shares her expertise with those entering the workforce to stay hired, not fired.“A great textbook for a life skills course addressing job readiness, career/social development, and financial planning 101. No graduate should leave school without it!”—Reuben Daniels, Retired EEOC District Director & Acting COO


sam mickens
Excellent read

Karen Michael gives a framework for those looking to get hired, stay hired and or advanced their careers. A must have as a young or experienced professional.

Great guidebook for all, whether your brand new to the workforce or have a long standing career!

This book an easy to read “how to” guide for all of us in the workforce, the topics are engaging and highly pertinent to today’s complex workplace. Stay Hired will help you navigate through your career. We can all benefit from Karen Michael’s well thought out words of wisdom!