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Evil Awakened
Evil Awakened

Evil Awakened


4.60 (27 ratings)

The stories told around the campfire taught us of legends—tales of demons and heroes. I thought they were only stories, but I was wrong. They were warnings.

My name is Pamoon and until recently I lived a normal life. Well, as normal as it could be growing up on a Cree reservation. My birth mom left me on the steps of the reservation medical center when I was just an infant. Being Cree is all I’ve ever known and all I ever wanted to be.

My life changed the night my friends disappeared. They vanished while reciting a ritual they didn’t understand. That’s when I found out the truth of who I was, or who I was supposed to be. I discovered that I am the subject of one of the stories the elders told: the story of a sixteen-year-old girl, whose skin is as white as winter’s snow, come to send demons back to the Netherworld. Come to save a nation.

That’s when I found out I was more than just a girl. I was to become a goddess. If my friends have any chance of being found, it’s up to me . . . me and Scout, my wolf cub. But I’m going to need help, help only the spirits can provide. I don’t know if I’m up to the task, but what choice do I have?

Instead of listening to me babble on, come and hear the entire story. The story of the Kiche—the Sky Spirit Goddess. My story.

“Evil Awakened is all the right things, creepy, suspenseful, and filled with a great cast of characters.”
— Heather Graham, New York Times Bestselling Author
“Evil Awakened reads like a Native American-themed Game of Thrones.”
—The Providence Journal
“Leduc defies genre specification and defines his own turf in wonderous fashion.”
— Jon Land, USA Today Bestselling Author of The Rising

“Evil Awakened tell a story so tangible and accurate my ancestors would be proud! . . . It’s not what is in the blood, it is what is in your heart.”
—Lollie, Choctaw/Cherokee American Indian
“Leduc brings his prodigious thriller and world-building chops to this promising start of a new YA fantasy series, steeped in Native American lore, demons, and adventure.”
—Kane Gilmour, International Bestselling Author of The Crypt of Dracula