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Shades of Deception
Shades of Deception

Shades of Deception


4.70 (10 ratings)

What if monsters really do exist?
When her sister is attacked by strange animals, Kelly will do anything to uncover what is going on. What she discovers - drugs, smuggling, and the shadowy existence of shapeshifters, is enough to shake even the most rational person. Will she be able to help bring down the smugglers, or will she lose her sister forever?
Shades of Deception is the first book in the YA urban fantasy Fighting in Shadows series.
If you like snarly shifters, quick-thinking heroines, and worlds where mystery hides just under the surface, you’ll love Piper Dow’s clean adventure stories!
Pick up Shades of Deception to discover this exciting new series today!


Michelle Vess
Clean YA Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Mystery

Shades of Deception, the first book in the Fighting in Shadows series, is a clean, well written paranormal fantasy mystery. Right away we meet Kelly and her brother, Wayne, getting ready for a zombie party at the local college she attends. At the party in full swing, their world is shaken when they get a frantic call from their dad that their older sister was attacked and is in the hospital.

Kelly schemes to uncover what caused the attack and finds herself walking the edge of finding the truth and getting into deeper trouble than she can handle.

I loved the way author Piper Dow wove bits of scripture and faith throughout the story as Kelly and Wayne encountered supernatural things they never thought could be real. The characters were relatable and the ending left me breathless and eager to read the next book.

The first book just scratches the surface of the shapeshifter mythology but it’s done in such a way that you know there’s more beyond the glimpses she gives. I’m really looking forward to the next story and seeing how the characters grow.

I was given a free e-book copy and this is my honest review.

Scarolet Ellis
Excellent Mystery Story

Shades of Deception (Fighting in Shadows Book 1) by Piper Dow is an excellent story that I have loved reading very much. This is book number one in this excellent series which was written by a brand new author that I have found to read. I have been hooked on since page number one and can not wait to read the next book in this excellent series. I highly recommend this story to everyone who loves mystery, thrillers, and suspense in their stories.

I received a free copy of this book via StoryOrigin and am voluntarily leaving a review.

gg Wagner

“Shades of Deception” by Piper Dow book one of the “Fighting in Shadows” series a contemporary fantasy paranormal book good for anyone that enjoys clean fiction. I typically read mystery/suspense and was pleasantly surprised how this author used these elements with such expertise making me a fan.

The author grabbed my attention on page one and never let up. Something has happened pulling Kelly and younger brother Wayne from a college zombie-apocalypse party and I was hooked.

The characters are interesting yet normal people I found relatable. The mystery unraveling nudged these two ordinary siblings out of their comfort zone to protect their family. Facing the impossible forced them to lean not on their own strength but that of their faith.

This story comes to life exposing the evil lurking to whom it may vigilant things are not always as they seem.

I have just begun reading the prequel novella in this series, “Approaching Shadows.” Looking forward to new discoveries unearthed by this author!

Tina P Kimble
Well written

Very well written. It really pulls the readers curiosity and keeps you thinking. Very well balanced. I recommend it.

The real me

I used to have a favorite book. And then I read this one. It’s my new favorite.


This was my first read from this author and I enjoyed it very much. There were parts that were slow but all in all a good read.

Dorothy S.
Getting to the Truth

Kelly’s sister has been attacked and her family is in danger, so Kelly puts her life on the line to help get to the truth. Shades of Deception is an intense novel with a heroine who is courageous and determined.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

syreeta berube
Great book!

Great book