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Required of Me
Required of Me

Required of Me


5.00 (1 ratings)

My life didn't give me what I wanted. It gave me what I worked for.

Amanda Taylor is one of the hardest working and motivated single mothers on the block. She worked herself from a teenager with a baby to the lead ads manager at a multi-billion-dollar ad firm. She had been there for years, running her division, making her systems, and then going home to take care of her little boy, Mikey, and her ill mother in the hospital. Life was a struggle, she never denied that, but she definitely was never going to give up on her dreams of a better life for her and her son.

Elon Truitt built his company from the ground up, loving every single second of it. After it his big time and the money rolled in, though, he started to move out of an active role and spent his time drinking and perusing the local bars. The board wasn't ignoring that fact, especially not the man that wanted to take his company. In a final vote Elon is given an ultimatum, true hard work or an absent seat at the table. His spirits aren't very high to the say the least.

Sparks fly and tempers flare as Elon and Amanda are paired on one of the biggest projects in the company's history. Will the sparks between the two ignite into passion or burn the whole place to the ground? Nothing is certain anymore for either of them, not even their own feelings.

Never Give Up Series
Book 1 – Required of Me
Book 2 – Immune to Me
Book 3 – Desired of Me