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No Secret Like Nantucket
No Secret Like Nantucket

No Secret Like Nantucket


4.50 (216 ratings)
A secret bundle in a dusty corner sends the Benson family reeling.

It wasn’t meant to be uncovered.
But when her son Brent stumbles across something curious hidden in the workshop, innkeeper Mae Benson must relive events she thought she left thirty years in the past.

Her boyfriend Dominic is doing his best to help. But the arrival of a movie crew on Nantucket to film the adaptation of his latest novel has upended everything at the Sweet Island Inn.

And Mae’s children are just as preoccupied.

Eliza, eight months pregnant, can’t be reached—and Mae is terrified that something is going wrong with the baby.
Holly is dealing with an unexpected houseguest with a grim and mysterious past.
And Sara is struggling to answer a thorny question: who is stealing from her restaurant?

Follow along with the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of the Benson family in this sweet, clean women’s fiction novel.

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