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A Date for Daisy: A Contemporary Christian Romance
A Date for Daisy: A Contemporary Christian Romance

A Date for Daisy: A Contemporary Christian Romance


4.70 (49 ratings)

He thinks she’s the captain of the Hot Mess Express.
She thinks he’s rigid and wound too tight.
And this renovation is about to get complicated.

Daisy Bloom is determined to turn her 100-year-old house into a bed and breakfast. The only problem? She knows nothing about renovations.

Enter Lance Matthews, construction guru and business owner. He is determined to tackle this project with his usual methodical, organized approach. His only problem? The beautiful and infuriating homeowner -- deeply involved with the project and completely averse to lists, schedules, or any form of organization.

When sparks fly between these wildly different personalities, will they find common ground? Or does God have other plans for each of them?


Sweet with warm fuzzy feelings but….

The continued typos of Dr Pepper continue, where was the editor? A reference to Mandys dad was actually her husband, not father and the almost complete retelling of book 1 come close to negating the warm fuzzies though.

I hope Poppy’s story in book 3 isn’t a rehash of Hawthorne and Daisies stories. I’m a huge fan of Tara’s writing, but this just isn’t up to the standard I’ve come to expect.

Mutti W
Inspirational with truth ringing clear

I was looking for a clean romantic story and came upon this series. I laughed at the ups and downs and throughly enjoyed the reverence with which God was brought into the lives of the characters.

Couldn't put it down.

The amazing continuation of the Bloom family! These characters worm there way into your heart and you can't wait to see what will happen next. Looking forward to Poppy's story.

Opposites attract

Daisy's and Lance's romance is full of laughter, tears, and fiery discussions. These two manage to push each other's buttons and also learn that stepping back is necessary. Each struggles with the question about whether they can live with the other and that person's very strong personality. Of course, this is fiction so a HEA is a definite must.

The only reason I gave it 4 stars is that I found a rather significant error. On page 47 of the Kinde ebook edition, the author writes about Avery's life and current status. It seems as if this paragraph came from "Hope for Hawthorne" with some changes. It states that Avery works with Dr. Pike, Mandy's father at the university. However, Dr. Pike is Mandy's fiance and soon to be husband. Mandy's father's last name is Elliott.

Kindle customer Nancy M
Ditzy Daisy

Characters are unforgettable. Author has gift of compelling writing that keeps you reading longer than you should. Message of God's love , grace and mercy, how to make practical changes in your life is great!

Great read

A fun read about a scattered dreamer and a planner. The opposites are great and the story is sweet and entertaining.

Sarah Sarber

A Date for Daisy is a beautiful and thought provoking romance that makes you think about who is controlling your life - whether you are trying to, or whether you have truly surrendered your life to the Blessed Controller.

Loved it!

This book was beautiful and I really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series!