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Beyond the Tower (The Journey Series (Fairytales Retold) Book 1)
Beyond the Tower (The Journey Series (Fairytales Retold) Book 1)

Beyond the Tower (The Journey Series (Fairytales Retold) Book 1)


4.10 (72 ratings)

If you were raised by a witch and imprisoned your whole life, where would you go to find your answers?
Rapunzel grew up within the safety of the witch’s walls. She could hear the children playing, people talking, boys teasing but was forbidden to know anyone. When she grew older, the witch moved her far from her beloved walled-in garden and imprisoned her in a tower. There Rapunzel remained until she betrayed the witch and was banished to wander the “world of men.”
Now on her own, Rapunzel must find a way to discover a life beyond her tower, a world the witch warned her of. Bewildered by the rules polite people follow, and stumbling over other fairytale stories, can she discover a way to make friends and stop roaming? When haunted by disturbing dreams, will Rapunzel find a way to free herself of the witch’s hold?


Michelle Dalrymple
Jumpy and all over the place

The story jumped from one day to the next with no real central story, no strong description, and was rather boring. I just wasn't my style of story.

too confusing

it's really a fairy tale way way too off for me.

Good story

I love hearing Christian content in fantasy stories. That’s the best for solid trustworthy counsel and spiritual understanding. The book is a clean read suitable for children of any age. The author kept me interested all the way through.


it was too fantasy for my liking and i quit very soon

What a journey!

I have never really wondered where Repunzel would go after escaping from her tower, but she certainly goes on a mighty journey. Somehow, I have a feeling this is only the beginning. Amusing tale, I enjoyed reading this.

Rog & Deb
I enjoyed this book on several levels.

I enjoyed this book very much. It is a well written, reimagined take on a classic fairytale, and it is told with an emotional insight that truly touched my heart.

Satisfied Reader
Unique and beautifully written!

This was unlike what I expected when I saw that it was a Rapunzel retelling. It read like a diary that was beautifully written in a way that felt almost poetic. There were definitely surprises and twists that kept things interesting and a central theme of grief and letting the past go which I found very moving. I loved the interwoven fairy tale retellings and the pretty language the author used. This was truly a unique retelling perfect for fairy tale fans.

Kristina Borden
A delightful mix of fairy-tale magic and Christian truth

No Happily Ever After fairy-tale here. I can feel Rapunzel's emptiness from the first line. If you have ever sought truth, hope, or walked alone... You'll feel the ache that follows her as she puts one front in front of the other on her journey. Although Rapunzel has never heard of God, does he pursue her? Does he reveal things to her? Does her evil witch lurk out there ready to make her captive again? A delightful mix of fantasy and fairy-tale magic as well as Christian elements and the story of Jesus.