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Nikolai: A Mafia Prince Romance
Nikolai: A Mafia Prince Romance

Nikolai: A Mafia Prince Romance


4.50 (623 ratings)
When opposing sides of the law collide, it isn't just the rules being broken

Justine Walsh dreamed about being an architect when she was a child, but when her brother was served a life sentence for murder, her plans altered. Now she's a first-year intern at the best defense firm in the country. She's seeking help from the right side of the law, so the last place she expects to find it is in a man who's far from lawful.

Nikolai Popov was raised in a criminal entity that's as bigoted as it is violent. He's lived a hard and fast life which often sees him facing a line-up, yet he's not spent one night behind bars.

After a mix-up with Nikolai's home arrest documentation, Justine is thrust into the dark and dangerous world of the Russian mafia. Will she survive a second tightrope walk with a mafia prince, or is this one adventure no amount of smarts will see her win?

Nikolai: A Mafia Prince Romance is a fast-paced read filled with chaos, sexual friction, and enough chemistry to melt both your panties and your kindle! Scroll up to one-click this dark and delicious mob romance!