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Never Been Bitten
Never Been Bitten

Never Been Bitten


3.80 (13 ratings)

Selling blood to vampires is dangerous, but 21-year-old Alec could use some extra cash. The agency promises everything will be safe and simple: a vampire orders for delivery, and the agency sends a willing human to sate the vampire’s thirst. When Alec arrives at the vampire’s estate on his first call, he expects to be nervous. What he doesn’t expect is his immediate, overwhelming attraction to Leander Garrison.

Tall, powerful, and breathtakingly handsome Leander wants to help Alec get comfortable before they begin. But as Alec’s nervousness fades, Leander’s predatory gaze arouses an entirely different reaction. The seductive, dominant vampire wants more than Alec’s blood—and Alec is more than happy to submit!

Never Been Bitten is 8,100 words of scorching-hot gay vampire-on-human action, filled with domination, submission, and a bite to remember!