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Love Me in Paris: A Travel Romance
Love Me in Paris: A Travel Romance

Love Me in Paris: A Travel Romance


4.60 (42 ratings)

"Romantic and hot without being graphic. This book is funny, witty, serious, charming, thought provoking, and a delightful read."

My friends back in New York City think I’m crazy—quitting my prosperous law firm and taking a year off to roam the bars of Paris, picking up strangers.

After what happened, how could I have stayed? I’m shaken, numb, and the last thing I need is human connection. In between mindless hookups, I just want to be alone.

Or so I thought. Until I met Sophia Paige.

She’s beautiful, kind, innocent, and her joyfulness draws me like a moth to a flame. I’ll get her into my bed if it’s the last thing I do.

There’s just one problem: Sophia’s taken a vow of celibacy, and due to a small misunderstanding, she now believes I did, too.

So I’m lying awake at night, dreaming of coaxing the same moan from her lips that I heard when she tasted my fresh-baked croissant.

This girl with the bright blue eyes could be my salvation, but only if I can first save her from her vow.


I came to Paris searching for my past. I’m recreating the steps my parents followed in their final days, guided by a handful of faded letters and my childhood journals.

I’m a small-town girl, and I feel way out of my depth, but the biggest threat I’ve encountered so far in the City of Lights is him.

Trevor Lawson—suave, handsome, and achingly enticing—is dangerous in a different way. Nothing good can come from falling for a man who lives an ocean away from me. Yet, for the first time in ages, I’m irresistibly attracted to someone and tempted to break my year-long vow of celibacy.

And I can’t. My vow was a promise of love—not only to myself but also to my best friend.

No matter how fascinating Trevor is, no matter how close we get as he helps me in my mission, I can’t break my vow. I’d rather die.

But after this trip, that might be exactly what happens to my old self.

Love me in Paris is the first stand-alone book in the sexy, funny and poignant Self-Vow Series. If you like compelling characters and heartwarming, emotional stories with both laugh-out-loud and tear-jerking moments, you will love the Self-Vow Series. Start enjoying this riveting novel today. Buy Love me in Paris now!
About this series: Follow me to the most beautiful European destinations, to a time before country lockdowns. There, we’ll join the adventures of four friends from college, Sophia, Chloe, Mia, and Iris, who reunite after a decade apart and launch a project to reinvent themselves.

Against the backdrop of some of the most gorgeous places on Earth, we’ll remember that nothing is more enticing than the forbidden, but we’ll also discover that finding love is about more than physical attraction: it’s about choosing a travel companion through life.

Book1: Love me in Paris: A Travel Romance.
Book 2: Kiss me in Italy. (Coming in the fall 2020)
Book 3: Find me in Greece. (Coming Soon)
Book 4: Meet me in Spain. (Coming 2021)