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Landry's Lady
Landry's Lady

Landry's Lady


4.00 (1 ratings)

When Yankee soldier Cash Landry opens his eyes, the last thing he expects is to discover he is the prisoner of a sweet-looking, tart-tongued Dixie belle. Hidden in her attic, no less.
McKenzie McIntyre, the Dixie belle in question, is even less thrilled with the situation than he is. She already has more than enough stress in her life. Thanks to the war, one uncle is confirmed dead and the other is among the missing. Aunt Maeve, her missing uncle’s wife, is half out of her mind with grief. Most of the slaves have fled. And to make matters worse, now she must nurse this no-good Yankee back to health.
And when he’s well, what then? Turn him in? Let him go? Even McKenzie doesn’t know what she will do with him. Lucky for her, the decision is taken out of her hands when Cash escapes and makes his way back to the fighting.
When the war ends, he returns home to New York. His estranged father is dead, and through no effort of his own, Cash is suddenly a very wealthy young man. While settling his father’s estate, he discovers a couple of mysterious investments his father had made in California. Curious, Cash books passage on a steamer bound for California to investigate for himself.
In the meantime, the war has left McKenzie and Aunt Maeve virtually destitute. With what little money they have left, McKenzie books passage on the same ship as Cash for herself, her aunt, and their trusted friend and servant, Jeremiah. McKenzie has no real plan for what she’ll do when they get there. Her only hope is that Aunt Maeve’s sister will take them in until she can find work.
Plans seldom go as envisioned. When the last of McKenzie’s money is stolen, she is forced to go to work in one of the seedier waterfront saloons. When Cash learns that the saloon owner plans to force McKenzie into a life of prostitution, he must come up with a plan to rescue her.
And then what? Deny the feelings he suddenly has for McKenzie McIntyre and go about his life as if she never existed? Act on his baser instincts and claim her as his own? Or . . . God forbid! . . . marry her?
Cash Landry’s life is about to change in ways he never expected!