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Finding E: A Dark Romance (prequel)
Finding E: A Dark Romance (prequel)

Finding E: A Dark Romance (prequel)


3.90 (68 ratings)
Love is torture. Love is pain. Until a girl changes everything. Young, homeless, and angry, I sell misery and pain to idiots who get off on it. Do I like it? Hell, no. Not with a twisted past like mine. But I want to stay alive, which means I need to earn money. Even if it nearly kills me.So night after night, I hit the streets and give those creeps what they deserve. And on the cycle goes until a girl shivering in the rain makes my busted heart beat again.This girl is everything.I don’t know her name, but I wish I did.There’s that saying—be careful what you wish for because one day, you just might get it.
Previously titled A Boy Called L, this short novella plunges you into the darkness of L's last night on the streets where he encounters his future—a girl who’ll blow his mind, start him dreaming, and change everything.
Book 2, Loving L, the full-length end to L and Eden's story, can be read as a standalone!
** Not for the faint of heart. It deals with dark subjects that some may find triggering. **