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Just the Tip (DTF (Dirty. Tough. Female.) Book 4)
Just the Tip (DTF (Dirty. Tough. Female.) Book 4)

Just the Tip (DTF (Dirty. Tough. Female.) Book 4)


4.40 (44 ratings)

DTF. Support your local girl gang!

These dirty, tough females were ready to go ALL. THE. WAY.

As an artist, I was used to getting creative and thinking outside the box. But this time, I might be in over my head.

Or head over heels …

I was ready for love. And the life of wedded bliss that was sure to follow. I just hadn’t found the one.

Until I found myself doing the horizontal mambo in the backseat of my best friend’s car.

Aiden was the hottie Aussie who ran the famous Scarlett Herb restaurant. His shizzle sauce was the perfect condiment for the pink taco truck I worked. I was positive we were just friends until one little plus sign turned our world upside down.

I wanted forever, not a baby daddy. Apparently, he hadn’t kept his shizzle sauce to himself.

Just the tip? Yeah, right!


Nate D
Aiden & Layla

I enjoyed Aiden & Layla's book. Good characters. This was a fun, entertaining read. I receive a free arc copy of the book. And am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.

Lisa Petty
Full of laughs, love, and DTF

Have you met the DTF ladies? Cause if not you so need to. This series will have you laughing, crying, and melting your heart. I love Just the Tip is had everything in it. Aiden and Layla have always had a chemistry with one another. An unexpected oopps brings them together, but will also tear them apart. However Layla has mixed feelings and she's trying really hard to get through them. Her girls are there for her no matter what. This is the story that you have wanted to read all year long.


So, this is my first Kat Addams story and I didn't realize that it was part of a series, let alone the END of that series. There was a little storyline that I seemed to have missed, but that was just with the friends and not with Aiden... I am assuming here. This was a super fast paced read, loads of drama, and the word friend was dropped I swear 1000 times in this story, and I understood why it was, it just started feeling a little much. For me this was just an ok read, there were a few LOL moments, the naughty bits were just ok, but loads of drama with a super huge thing thrown in at the 72% mark... this was just a bit all over the place for me. I give this 3.5 stars.

Tracy Arnett - Reviewer for Spunky N Sassy Blog
Amazing Story

I loved this story it was so complex and interesting. I loved Aiden and Layla and how they fought against the feelings of what they truly wanted. I love these characters and how their stories are ever changing and evolving. This is more than a romance about two people there are still so many stories here. I highly recommend this book and author.