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4.80 (143 ratings)
Caught on thin ice between desire and legacy...

Scottish-born hockey player Ian Campbell is so much more than a professional athlete and he has the birthright to prove it. But all he cares about is the next championship. Not his law degree and not the weight of the family legacy waiting for him back home; but time is running out on the deal he made with his grandfather. While home for the summer, a gorgeous American stumbles into the local pub and provides him the perfect distraction.

Photojournalist Everly Adamson finds herself in Scotland on the business trip of a lifetime. A past mired in secrets and betrayal fades away when she’s behind the lens of her camera; nothing and no one can take that feeling away. Even though a handsome, professional athlete moonlighting as her knight in shining armor is trying to distract her— and she can’t seem to stay away.

As their summer romance intensifies, neither of them is prepared for the collision of their two worlds. Ian’s family legacy prevents him from trusting her, and Everly refuses to love a man who won’t. The resolution may be more than either of them can afford...


Amazon Customer
enjoyable story

Well balanced, good story, well developed characters, enough sex to keep it interesting and enhance the story. Would recommend it for anyone looking for a story and not just soft porn and sports.

Kindle Customer

I couldn't put this book down. All the characters were fully developed. The main characters were awesome. Ian and Everly are the best characters i have seen in a while. They had a chance meeting, fell in love and also had conflicts but were mature enough to resolve them with the acceptance of help from their loved ones. A very great read!!!

So cute

Ian’s story is so funny and sexy- and how he’s friends interact with he’s family in Scotland. This book just adds another layer to the Sidewinder hockey family.

a new author for me


A nice gentle end to a whirlwind series!

Was this the best of the Sidewinder series books? No! But it wasn’t the worst either. That sounds like an awful comment…but it isn’t meant to be. It was a great way to round off books that I have really enjoyed and Kit Mizera is now one of my favourite kindl authors!

Love and hockey

Love at first site is always a fun read! Mix in a Stanley Cup and a few castles along with a seriously sexy accent, and I you have a perfect read!

Diane Carter
Love the Sidewinders!

Kat Mizera has delivered a wonderfully written love story that will have you laughing and crying! Definitely a 1 click buy!

Sharon Gifford
Absolutely a must read!!!

What a great way to end a series, and a great look forward to the next generation. I absolutely recommend reading all the books in this author's "rolodex" of talent!!


This was such a sweet love story! I truly enjoyed getting to know the main characters and watching their love grow.