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Man Down: A heart-pounding medical mystery
Man Down: A heart-pounding medical mystery

Man Down: A heart-pounding medical mystery


4.40 (75 ratings)
You don't have to be killed in action to be a casualty of war.Medics Paul Adams and Lizzie Jarman are one of the most welcome sights to injured soldiers in the war-torn poppy fields of Afghanistan. With red crosses on their arms and medical equipment strapped to their backs, they thunder into battle in a Chinook helicopter – straight into areas everyone else is desperate to get away from.In the middle of the fiercest fighting British troops have seen since the Falklands War, the medics are the last defence from death on the ground in some corner of a foreign field. But in Afghanistan, where a hostile is only obvious when they raise a weapon, there's no such thing as a non-combatant. And not all enemies are on the other side.Despite the heroic efforts of the medics on the ground and in the air, someone in the field hospital is determined to finish what the Taliban has started. Wounded soldiers – who should be living – are dying. Their deadliest enemy is much closer to home than they realise.As the death toll and the temperature rise, can the medics finish their tour of duty, or will it finish them?


reading beach goer
Military thriller must read

I could not put this down. Kept me up two nights and want more. The details are outstanding and unknown by most not connected to the military. A five-star rating for making this part of war so real.

Robert D. Froese

Though I do not often read war books, this sounded intriguing and didn't disappoint. I wasn't sure 'who done it' though I had my suspicions. If you like murder mysteries, this is a must read.

Kaye Moore

This is the first 5 star rating I've given since being a part of this group. There are a multitude of books about soldiers, battles and near death experiences on the battlefield, but few about those who risk their lives to rescue injured and dead from the battlefield. This book revolves around a British medical unit in Afghanistan, documenting their daily harrowing experiences while maintaining a sense of humanity. The overriding question throughout the book is who is killing the injured soldiers once they have been brought back to the hospital, survived the operating room and seemingly on the way to recovering. A high level of tension throughout. Loved this book and recommend it without hesitation.

Papa Kilo
Interesting read

This is an interesting read, although not a fast paced thriller. Everything, at the end, happened very quickly, but not completely. There wasn’t an extensive character development of the antagonist, and I feel vaguely unsatisfied that this book falls under the mystery classification of “not fair to the reader.” Nevertheless, I enjoyed the book.

Very good ,

I really liked this book. While I am more familiar with the US military and its operations, being an American, I’m knowledgeable enough about UK military ops to be able to easily understand most of what was going on. Combine that with medical knowledge gained through personal experience, and the book was every bit as good as I hoped it would be. Will definitely continue with book two of this series soon!

Richard D. Ellis
British Fighters/Medics

A great book with plenty of action, medics and pilots in action. Exciting details and scenes. Anxious for more like this

Marita Nagel
Excellent read

I enjoyed this book very much and could not put it down. I will definitely read more books by Nathan.

David Laforest
Combat Medics in Action

Fast paced action that accurately
presents the lives of combat medics as they go about the business of saving lives in the midst of the chaos of. war. Paul Adam's and Lizzie are great characters with a sense of humor even in difficult situations. An excellent read.