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Hounds of Autumn
Hounds of Autumn

Hounds of Autumn


4.50 (194 ratings)

They say that the moor has eyes.

It is 1890, and the windswept moors hold dark secrets. Chloe Sullivan is an amateur inventor whose holiday takes a dark turn when her friend and colleague, one of the few female mechanical experts in the British Empire, is murdered.

A black mechanical hound roams the moors, but could it have killed a woman? And what secrets are concealed within the dark family manor?

Accompanied by her naturalist husband and clockwork cat, Chloe is determined to see her friend’s killer found.

But some secrets have a terrible cost.


Old Girl in the middle
Great read

I liked the way the book made you feel like you were part of the story. Would buy more from this author

It's 1890, 2 female engineer's and murder.

This is the story of Chloe who follow her curiosity and her curiosity to find her friends murderer. it is also the story of her marital relationship which allows her this freedom. I did not want to put this book down.


I expected to be entertained for a bit, but had no idea that I had found a new favorite author. I was engaged from the first, and could barely put it down until I had finished. The protagonist was well developed, with excellent scientific and mechanical skills, yet still a Victorian lady. I found the plot cunning and the characters had depth.

Inventive and well written

This is something a little different. It has a steampunk sort of feel to it, mixed in with a little Sherlock Holmes and a little fantasy perhaps. It all becomes Mysterious on the Moor. But what makes it a cut above is the inventiveness and the clever ideas. I don't think I have seen one exactly like this before. In addition, it is not just a good concept. It is very well written. It is well paced, the prose flows nicely, and the plot is excellent. Well done.

Kerry Gubb
Engaging Page-Turner

First-class character development, great plot and very interesting insight into the world of Victorian mechanical, completely new territory for this reader.

Kindle Customer
Steampunk, who knew??

I gave this book 5 stars because I couldn't put it down, even to cook dinner. I wasn't sure about reading a steampunk mystery, but it made for a novel murder mystery.
The characters are well developed. The writing eloquent and very well edited. Plot is logical and we'll structured.
I am definitely going to look for more from this author.

Kept me guessing!

I got this ebook on a whim and have been pleasantly surprised by it. It flows smoothly. Some things wrap up a little easily but it’s good & kept my interest throughout the book.

The author manages to introduce & develop interesting characters, while slowly building up the deceptions going on in the background. Every time I thought I knew where the story was going, I was wrong. It kept me guessing until the very end.

If you like historical fiction, mysteries, or steampunk, specifically, you should give this book a go. I’m definitely interested in reading more from this author.

Ryan H. - Wichita, KS
Wonderful story

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was easy to get immersed in the steam-powered world the author has created. I enjoyed getting to know the main character as both the protagonist inventor and also as the noble lady frustrated by society's norms. I will definitely be checking out the "The Time Corps Chronicles".