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Heart Thief, Bluegrass Security Book One
Heart Thief, Bluegrass Security Book One

Heart Thief, Bluegrass Security Book One


4.50 (70 ratings)
One stubborn military man.  Plus one feisty Army chick. Equals an explosion of power, passion, and crime. Retired and embittered military officer, Levi Jacobson is content running a small-town security business without anyone's help.  After all, he can't trust anyone--especially women.  But when the town suffers a slew of robberies, Levi hires out-of-town help that changes everything.
The last thing Sage Reynolds wants is to move to a tiny town to solve a series of burglaries. But with her bills piling up, she takes what she can get.  Meeting her sexy, yet chauvinistic, new boss infuriates and ignites her.  She refuses to be patronized by a cranky man.  And Levi's determined to keep her at arm's length.  But as the mysteries unfold, so does their resolve.  Can they uncover the thieves before their hearts get stolen too? 


Gina Marie
Levi & Sage

Heart Thief is the first book in the Bluegrass Security Series. It’s a light (no real danger or traumatic situations) easy read (the writing flowed nicely) that introduced a fun cast of characters while bringing Levi and Sage together.


Book 1 of the Bluegrass Security Series will have you coming back for more. P.J. takes us on a journey with Levi, a bit of a sexist, and Sage, a badass ex-military person whose gender has Levi second-guessing his decision to hire. Together they must catch a thief who has consistently slipped through the local police's radar. I am looking forward to continuing to read this series.


New town, new job, a new beginning, that was the idea, the hope. However, things got off to a rocky start and seemed to spiral in all kinds of crazy directions, some good some not so good. Two compatible souls but stubborn as rocks. Sizzling interactions with lots of misunderstandings making the HEA very convoluted and hard fought to achieve.
Heart Thief is a great start to this series. Definitely recommend.

Great read

I enjoyed reading this book. A journey that you can follow, chatacters that pull you in and a Author who writes and keeps you pulled in with each page

Kindle Customer

I loved the book. The characters are wonderful.The chemistry between them, you know something is going on by their reactions. Drama, romance, read it for yourself.

meghan varner
Military romance but make it cute

Miscommunication is the name of this game. Sage and Levi have chemistry but at first it is hitting heads rather than a romance. They are working security together and starting to solve a case for the town at the same time. Both are retired military and both have some baggage that they must deal with.

The writing is descriptive and the story flows well. The characters are entertaining and keep the action moving from one scene to another. It is clear who the thieves are quite a bit before the end of the book and why, but it is still fun to see the team start to work together in this new series.

Heart Thief

Levi hired Sage based completely on a resume. When Sage showed up for work, Levi refused to employ her because she is a she and not a he as he assumed! Levi eventually hired her for two weeks to take care of a heavy work load. To say the next two weeks were interesting is an understatement, but will anything make it past the deadline?


I truly enjoyed reading this book.
It's an engaging & suspenseful romance.
It will hook you from the beginning to
the end, wanting to know what happens next. A Must Read Story!!