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Right Back Where We Started: A Sweet Small-Town Romance
Right Back Where We Started: A Sweet Small-Town Romance

Right Back Where We Started: A Sweet Small-Town Romance


4.30 (19 ratings)

Second chance? Fat chance. True love can kiss her high-heeled boots.

Just before college, Martina fled her high school sweetheart’s house like Cinderella a minute before midnight. Lost shoe? Who cares. She’d expected a ring, not the break-up talk. She's spent the last few years pouring herself into her work at the hospital in Timber Falls by day, studying to become a nurse-practitioner by night. She's very good at it, too, but she didn't expect to be asked for by name the moment she joined the home health agency. Especially not by her Prince Not-So-Charming. Carter has been shouldering his stepmother's medical care alone for months now, and the weight is getting to him. His classy, put-together mom is falling apart, and Martina is the best person to help. To his surprise, she agreed, and now he's wondering if she regrets what happened, too. She wasn't just the one who got away; she was The One. The shoe fits: now he just needs to give her a reason to try it on again…Can Carter prove he's worth the drama and ready to give her a happily ever after after all? Right Back Where We Started is the third book in the Timber Falls sweet romantic comedy series. It does not contain cheating or open-door sex scenes; it does contain secret kisses in dark kitchens, golf-learning coziness, and bonding over brownies. Content warning: this book does center on a parent with early-onset Alzheimer's, but does not depict her death. If you like fashion-obsessed heroines who can name the entire Seahawks defensive line, headstrong heroes who are learning to ask for help and an ending that's so sweet it hurts, you need this book now.


Kindle Customer
Post Modern lack of morality

Disappointed with other reviews didn't mention the total lack of morality and crude comments about using someone for prurient purposes.

A sweet story!

I LOVE Fiona West's writing style and she definitely came through on this book. She managed to weave in so much heart into her stories that I can't help but fall in love with her characters! This book also had an added element to pull on my heart strings (but you will have to read it to find out why!). The romance had a good tension and I enjoyed the sense of humor that the characters had, they were relatable I really enjoyed them!

K. Gogue
Love this story -

I really do enjoy these stories and the characters that Fiona West has developed. They are realistic and makes you believe in love. While Chase and Martina may not be my favorite of the Timber Falls group (that goes to Kyle and Ainsley), they are high up there. If you like sweet love stories with relatable characters, then this book and series are for you.

Sweet and sassy

Like all of the Timber Falls books, Right Back Where We Started has interesting characters, witty dialogue, a sweet romance and a dash of sass. Looking forward to #5!

Loved it!

A sweet clean read! Well written with engaging characters!

D. Rivera
Must read

Fun read. Enjoyed this book. Love the series.

Claire Harmon

great book

J. Baxter
Sweet 2nd chance romance

Liked both main characters. I liked the placement of the flashback chapter. It would have been harder to like the H if it had come earlier in the book. I thought the HEA held true to the main characters.